Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby was hungry

Addelyn carries this car seat and baby around all the time. Did I say ALL THE TIME? The baby does everything with us. She goes shopping, to bed, sits at the table during dinner, and more. Yesterday Addelyn had a snack of raisins. I guess baby was hungry too.
(Look very closely at baby's mouth!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

future volleyball player?

pics are up!

My friend Bryndi from high school took our family pics when she was home from Colorado. We got to meet her little guy too which was great. She is very talented and does an amazing job. Here is a sneak peek. I can't wait to see the rest!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a rainbow appears

We spent our Fourth of July weekend in Perry. Mark's brother Matt and his family came back for the weekend. We don't find many times throughout the year for all of us to be together so it was great to have quality time with everyone. It rained 100% of the day on the 4th, so we created our own fun. Lovely to see that night, once the rain FINALLY stopped....a rainbow appeared.

Addelyn and Trae love each other very much! Such cute cousins!
Wish we got to hang out more often.

Sparklers. Of course, Mark and Dar and Matt set off lots of illegal fireworks too.

We got to see many friends, one of them being Finley (her daddy Justin was one of Mark's college friends and roomies). Addelyn was so excited. Here they are eating a snack together. Go figure I couldn't get one of them both looking!

We went over to the Webers house for a bit in the middle of the rainy day. Robby was one of Mark's best friends growing up and lost his life in a car accident a few years ago. Jess, his wife, is doing an amazing job raising their two kiddos- see above, the two on the left. They are so sweet and funny. We were excited for the chance to get the kids together and say hello. Jacob (Mark's friend Ryan's son) is the one to the far right. It will be funny to see what Addelyn thinks of all of these boys as she grows older!

The 4th of July parade was cancelled due to the pouring rain. The kids were VERY disappointed. Ty had an amazing idea- to make our own parade. He had planned to throw candy out of the jeep with Dar. So he did just that. Here is everyone lining up their chairs in the garage.

Uncle Tom and Trae were out grabbing all of the candy!

Here comes the parade!!! In the pouring rain.

Gotta love those small town parades ha ha:)
The kiddos with Papa Dar

String cheese for breakfast? Of course!!!

It wouldn't be cousin time unless you jump on the beds together! It is just what cousins do!

Snapper time. Who was having more fun? Addelyn or Daddy?

One of the highlights of the weekend- these huge boxes that Addelyn and Ty and Trae made into their own little homes with windows and doors. It ended up working out as great entertainment on the rainy day spent in the garage. I remember doing the same thing as a kid- what a great way to ignite some creativity!
We are so thankful for friends and family. What a great weekend spent together!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

never know who you might run into

On our way to Mark's softball game the other night, we passed a man out on a run. He was shirtless, with long flowing brown hair.

Addelyn yells from the backseat as she points excitedly toward the man, "Oh oh oh! We are going to see Jesus tonight!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yep, we are at it again!!!! Team Iowans for Africa. Check it out!