Thursday, February 28, 2013

family weekends

We also find a weekend around the holidays to have our Kramer family get together for Christmas. This has proved to work better than fitting 500 things into our Christmas celebration. This way- we actually get to enjoy time together. The fun part, next year it will include a baby too! (My sis, not us- before someone jumps on that!)

This year, our first celebration was cancelled because of Addelyn having the flu so we rescheduled for a shorter time, later in January. It was a great time. We got together, played games, played with the kids, and around their bedtime- headed out for dinner at Galleria de Paco. It is an awesome restaurant in downtown Waterloo where an amazingly talented artist has spray painted the Sistine Chapel in his restaurant. It is definitely an experience. Plus, the food was great. Then we went out to the casino for a bit- not really something any of us are used to or good at- so that was kind of funny. But fun to do something together! And we watched my step-brother Ben win some money in poker. I played a few penny slot machines. That is about all I can handle of throwing my money away!

That night, an ice storm hit and everyone got iced in at our house all day Sunday, with church being cancelled. We had a blast- made food, played cards, Xbox Kinect, and napped the afternoon away. Time with family is lovely. 

Also, best story ever about this picture! Addelyn saw it and said, "Mom, why did you guys take a picture with a penis on Aunt Jiller's head?" That girl. Makes me laugh.

movie morning

Had to post, aren't they the cutest little buddies? 
Popcorn and movie morning on a really cold, snowy day this winter.

hoskinson christmas weekend

I am still catching up on the blogging! Christmas updates, almost done. Almost.

We spend a weekend with Hoskinsons around the Christmas time but usually not on the actual date. This allows Matt's family and our family to be in Perry at the same time and enjoy some time together. It is great. The kids absolutely love it. They have a lot of fun playing together.

Addelyn had Stompeez on her list this year. Slippers that when you jump, their ears go up. Go figure, they were some of the hardest items to find, ha! Good job Kathy!

Looking over the special yearly calendar with Papa Tom.

The boys and their "boy toys!"

Jace and Addelyn got bikes for Christmas. This little boy could sit on his bike all day. He can't wait til he can reach the pedals.

Yes, we have a cuddler. And Ty is such a good big cousin- humoring Jace and all his loving and following around.

Papa Dar is ALWAYS playing with the kids! They love it.

Nonnie Kathy planned a cookie decorating contest. Everyone had fun decorating their cookie. Some of us took more time on it than others!

This picture pretty much sums this kid up. Love him.

Here are the cookies. Some of them were not edible after the contest!

Papa Dar outside with the kiddos. I looked out the window once and he was laying in the snow, with three kids on top of him. They were all laughing. I love it.

Here I was trying to be the cool aunt and I made green "Hulk" pancakes for the kids. (Really for Trae and I'm not sure if he ever even ate it!) The thought counts right?

We got to see Grandpa Dean before going home. Here is a generation picture that will be treasured forever.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

sledding at christmas time

One of the fun activities the family did over our Christmas celebration was sledding in Perry! I did not go- I had some quiet time at home while Jacers slept. They had a blast and I had hot chocolate waiting for them when they came back.

Nicole and Kathy rocked the snow pants!

Good father - daughter time

Ty and Papa Dar walking up the hill

They went to the hill at the golf course, it was perfect.

Papa Dar, a kid at heart!

 The race!

Off they go.....

Papa and Nonnie K

More Christmas updating, here we go! Nonnie and Papa Kramer came over the day after Christmas to our house for dinner. It was fun, getting to eat together and hang out. Then the kids opened their presents. Jace was obsessed with his "bak-eat-ball" hoop. 

He is also loving this "bombine." 

Lora's sister Deb knitted these cute hats for them.

 The night ended with a dance party with "Melmo." Fun times!

Monday, February 11, 2013

christmas morning

Here begins our Christmas morning blog post! Another day of traditions being built. Everyone has three gifts to open, a special tradition in itself that I borrowed a few years back from my friend Jess. Modeling after the gifts that the three wise men brought Jesus. We open a gift that is fun, a gift that helps you grow, and a gift that is practical. I love teaching the meaning behind it and also it keeps the gift buying at a reasonable place. Especially since these kids aren't wanting for ANYTHING at Christmas time. The family tends to spoil!
We also do one "Santa" gift. Addelyn knows he is pretend but we have fun with it any way- like leaving out cookies and milk and carrots for reindeer. And we do stockings.
 Notice my kiddos matching pjs, their Christmas Eve gift. I loved the ones we found on the clearance rack after Christmas last year!

Look at those sweet smiles. If I could freeze time...

Jace loved his Elmo silverware. "Melmo."

We decided to let Addelyn shop for each of us at the Dollar Tree. I want her to learn to give, not just get! She got to pick three presents each. We didn't give her any direction. I got pens, a candle, plackers, and a hairbrush (I guess I got four!) Pretty impressive actually, what she picked out. Mark got lots of candy (I think she knew which parent was a sucker to give her candy and who likes to eat it too)! Jace got a toy- and items that Addelyn would like too- like a sippy cup and bib!

One of Addelyn's presents- a pack and play! Here she is with her baby.

The train was the shared Santa gift! This train just came down (mid February!) It was months of fun for us and also took up our whole front room.

Our Christmas day consisted of present opening, hanging out in our pjs, relaxing, naps, games, and wonderful family time. A great day of celebration together- I am loving these days!

christmas eve traditions

I absolutely love the Christmas Eve traditions we are building as a family. I think of the memories from Christmas traditions growing up- and how I want to create them for my kids! We go to Orchard and serve together as a family during one service and then attend one service. At this point in our life, having little people- the best way to serve is in the nursery! So we spend our Christmas Eve with 50 million toddlers:) It is a great reminder to me about the dedication of the nursery volunteers, year round! I love the candle lit service, singing together and praising the One who the holiday is all about.

We get home and open up one present. One guess? Yep, matching pjs!

We tried to take some cute sibling pics. Here is what we came up with!

Our Christmas Eve ends with reading the Christmas story and then settling in for a movie party on a bed on the floor! Fun times!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

celebrating with my mom

I am finally updating my blog from our Christmas celebrations. We had our first one mid-December with my mom. We went there on a Friday night and spent the night. 

It was fun hanging out together and enjoying time.

Grandma Stew always spoils!

Addelyn got in on the "sock tradition" this year. Jill buys us all a matching pair of socks and last year Addelyn was sad not to get a pair- in fact, I believe there were tears! So this year, she was PUMPED about her cool reindeer socks.

Look who got matching vests too!

Who needs presents when there is wrapping paper and bows???

The sad part of our celebration, my mom woke up sick on Saturday morning. Such a bummer. We ended up going home earlier than planned- I felt so bad for her! That dang flu season, it always hits at the wrong times!

Jace loved peaking over the TV at everyone. Always trying to make people laugh.
We had a great time being together, even though it was too short!