Sunday, July 27, 2008

nine teeth, are you kidding me???

July is flying by. In fact, it is almost over! Where did our summer go? We are loving our summer days and nights...enjoying the moments we have together as a family and of course, are keeping very busy. Note some of the milestones we've been experiencing below!

Uncle Tanner likes to come over and play with Addelyn and hang out. He, along with Grandma Stewart, joined our dance party the other day (yes, Mark and Addelyn and I have dance parties!) Addelyn loves the music and giggles at our impressive dance moves! :)

Oh child, we find you in the craziest positions! This was taken at 11 p.m. a few nights ago.

After bath, doesn't she look very sweet and innocent!?

Addelyn loves kisses from Daddy!

Bath time has moved from the little blue tub over the sink to the big bath tub. Addelyn LOVES her baths now that she can splash and move around more. She has some new bath toys and a watering can that increase the fun. She doesn't mind getting her face wet- in fact the other day we took a shower and she loved that too.

See those teeth.....too bad only a few of them are peaking out. If you get a little closer and can get Addelyn to open her mouth wide for you- you'll notice the NINE teeth she has. Her first two showed up at four months and the rest have all followed within the past few weeks. I think there is a tenth one working it's way out now too. She will have a mouthful before we know it! can do it, come on baby, come on. Plop. Back down on her tummy. She just hasn't figured out what to do next. Being on all fours is definitely a new thing though. Addelyn can scoot a bit, but for the most part, would rather be sitting up, looking around. It may be awhile before crawling, we'll see!

Monday, July 21, 2008

addelyn's first caravan

Addelyn survived her first Caravan!!! Actually I must say she did more than survive it, she was an amazing baby. She really did well- with the flight, with the unknown surroundings, with the 100 plus people/students who were around her, talking to her, holding her, and she even did amazing on the way home (two overnight van rides). She handled her first Caravan better than I ever could have expected. I was so thankful that our church not only allowed me to take Addelyn but celebrated it - seeing this opportunity as ministry as students got to see me being a Mom and a Youth Director at the same time!
Sorry for SO MANY pictures below but I just couldn't choose between all of them! It was an amazing Caravan and fun to watch God work in many lives.

Addelyn on her first plane tears at all! She was the in-flight entertainment!

Katie, Addelyn, and I all sporting our Caravan tees! Katie was the BEST babysitter ever and went on Caravan with us specifically to help out with Addelyn. I couldn't have done it without her. She watched Addelyn a lot so I could be available for Caravan leadership duties, time with students, sessions, small groups, etc. Addelyn loves Katie.

Here is our little fish! She loved the pool at the hotel, as she swam around in her little turtle floatie. She kicked her little feet like crazy! It is hard to believe she turned seven months old on the beach in Daytona Beach, FL!

Addelyn didn't love the ocean as much as she loved the pool. I think the cool water and waves scared her a bit. But she did like looking at the ocean and walking along the beach.

Quite the little model poses we have here... ha ha ha!

One last thing, don't forget to ask Mark how much he missed his ladies! And we sure missed him too. It is good to be home. :)

playing hard, crashing hard.....

Addelyn sleeps in her crib in her room (finally at six months, she moved out of the pack and play that was in our bedroom). It has been the best thing for Mark and I and our sleep! It is hilarious though- she makes laps around the crib every night. Usually if we get woken up from her cries- it is because she has a limb stuck in a weird place in the crib or an arm stuck behind her back. As you can see, here are some of her fun positions! :)

Addelyn got a new pool this week....she LOVES it. As long as the water isn't TOO cold! She doesn't even mind having water poured in her face. She is going to be our little fish!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Shack

I just got done reading an amazing book. It is hard to explain but I suggest you check it out. It has given me a new, fresh, unique view of who God is. See below for details!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July!!!!!!!

I figured I'd put a quick post up before we head out for Caravan on Sunday. I really SHOULD be packing! Here are a few fourth of July pics.

Aunt Jiller came to visit this weekend! WHOO HOO!!!
Bath time is the BEST!!
Our little firecracker, need I say more???

Happy Fourth of July!!!