Monday, December 30, 2013

The Beauty of Broken by Elisa Morgan

More blogging for free books! This book, "The Beauty of Broken" was a mix between an honest narrative of one woman's story and the story of her family and a book that brought truth, honesty, and encouraging words together.

Elisa Morgan, the author, shares her own story of pain and brokenness- starting as a little girl and leading up into the present days of her life as a young grandma. She talks of issues of alcoholism, drug addiction, infertility, adoption, teen pregnancy, abortion, divorce, death, and more.

Sometimes I think there is a lie that we buy into- that if we follow Jesus and teach our kids the right things- that they will be great. I'm realizing more and more that much of the way my kids turn out is not in my hands. Of course, that doesn't leave me without excuse to do what I can to help them grow but I loved this book and the encouragement and almost relief it gave me as it challenged me more to grow in my own faith in God, and to let me children come along with me and learn- rather than trying to pour my family into a certain "Christian mold." I loved the quote from Brennan Manning that summed up this book, "Anyone God uses significantly is always deeply wounded...On the last day, Jesus will look us over not for medals, diplomas, or honors, but for scars."  A great book that I would definitely suggest!

The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

I love blogging for free books. In the book, "The Governess of Highland Hall," in the early 1900s, missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India until her dad gets sick. They have to come back to England and Julia must take a job at Highland Hall as governess so she can raise money for the family. This means she begins teaching four kids- some which have behavior and attitude issues.
William is the owner of the estate- whose wife has passed away and he is left to care for his two young children and his deceased cousin Randolph’s two teenage girls. He becomes intrigued by Julia as she begins to transform and change the house with her faith and her spunky attitude. At the end, both William and Julia must make choices about their futures.
I liked this book, much more than I thought I would. I loved the character that Julia was- with her strong faith and strong personality. There are also other interesting characters in the book that I enjoyed. Overall- it is a book I'd suggest to others and I would definitely like to read some more novels by the author, Carrie Turansky.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

more generations

We got more pictures of some generations of family when we were in Jefferson this fall. Here is Grandpa Dean, Dar, and the grandkids. Love these pics!


Pumpkin carving-  gotta love it. Mark does a great job with leading the project and I supervise and take pictures.

Addelyn really liked digging out the gunk this year. I helped a bit too. Jace wasn't as brave- he is weird with textures and smells so this was one of those times! He used his spoon.

Towards the end of the project- the kids end up doing other things and Mark is left to finish. Great job, hun, as always on Halloween!

For Halloween at Cedar Heights- they have a parade to see all of the costumes. Here is our supergirl. She had planned to be a "Mom" for weeks before Halloween and the week before changed her mind. 

Here is her buddy Austin, one of the many ninja turtles! I guess that was the way to go this year?

After the parade, we got to join Addelyn in her classroom for some treats.

Aren't these little superheros the cutest?

Alec, our neighbor boy came over to show off his creepy costume.

Jace dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. Here is the one picture of the kids together.

They trick or treated next door all by themselves. They were so proud.

We ended our night at the Roger's house for some food and friend time. Love these girls and their friendship.

Sweet little Violet the giraffe was DONE being dressed up!

This was Jace's farmer outfit he wore during the day at Ilene's. A farmer by day- Buzz Lightyear by night!

Addelyn's kindergarten class- all dressed up

deal's orchard

Every fall we have a fun trip out to Deal's Orchard in Jefferson- close to Perry. This year it was fun because we got to do it with the whole Hoskinson crew- grandparents and Matt and family. It is a great spot- fun stuff to do, animals to see, and usually a tractor ride. It was a misty day when we arrived but we had a blast anyway. Jace kept reminding us that the trip was caught short though because it started to rain and he didn't get his much desired tractor ride! That kid and his tractors....

We all love the bouncy pillow. 

The slide- of course, my thrill seeking boys loved it.

Mice on the wheel!

Addelyn liked the slide too!

Feeding the goats includes lots of giggling as they tried to eat anything you put in their faces, including fingers.

Pet rabbits- of course, reminded us of Snow White- our bunny at home.

The corn pile- Jace was not happy when we had to leave here. He could have sat in the corn and played with diggers and buckets all day. I probably should make a corn pile inside my house for the winter- it would entertain this kid for days!

Then there is the little tractor riding station. For some reason- I only got a picture of the big kid here! What a fun day- ended with some caramel apples and hot apple cidar and of course, naps on the way home to Cedar Falls!

safety city field trip

I got the chance to be a volunteer on Addelyn's first field trip to Safety City. At the Target Distribution Center- the police, ambulance crew, firemen, CFU, and train safety are there. It was fun for the kids- however, a little chilly! Addelyn loved shooting the water with the firemen's help.

They got to go inside the ambulance. They all thought that was pretty fun!

Checking out the inside of a police car.

The finger prints taking time. This was Addelyn's favorite part of the whole field trip. She thought it was pretty cool getting all of her fingerprints.

I'm glad I have a schedule where I have opportunities to be a field trip volunteer. I even got to stay afterwards and have lunch with my girl.