Monday, March 22, 2010

home sweet home

I am back from San Francisco. What an amazing week. I was one of the leaders on our yearly mission trip to partner with YWAM San Francisco. I haven't gone the last two years since I had Addelyn and this was my first year "back" as a leader in SF.
'Home sweet home' means a few things to me. First of all, the 'home sweet home' of arriving in SF and being there for the week. Ever since my Dicipleship Training School during college, I have felt at home in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. I love being out on those streets, hearing the stories of people that live there (homeless or non-homeless) alike. I have so much to learn from others and my worldview is stretched every time I set foot in the city. I often sense that the time I feel "most alive" is when I'm connecting with people in the Tenderloin. Hard to explain and understand but it is the truth.
And then there is the 'home sweet home' I experienced when I came home from San Francisco. This was the first time to leave my baby girl for longer than a weekend. Leading up to the trip, I wondered how it would go and when I thought too much about it, I struggled a lot. While I was there, I connected with the amazing people on my trip and honestly had so little time to myself that I didn't have much of a chance to miss Addelyn (too much, of course I missed her). I could hardly wait to see her. Mark too of course! Sunday evening was the first moment of being home with my family. We went to the park and as we chased each other around and played, I thought...'Home sweet home.' Being a mom is definitely another time that I feel most "alive!" I love those moments when you realize something this important!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

goodbye to winter entertainment

This is a blogging "catch up day." Third and final post of the day.
We did lots of random activities to pass the long and cold winter days. Here are a few pics we snapped. The beautiful weather outside today has me excited for spring!
Who needs a sled? We make our own fun!

One day we walked in to find Addelyn sitting up at the computer, using the mouse like she knew just what she was doing!

Addelyn and I made sugar cookies for Valentine's Day and I had the flour out so we could roll out the dough. Addelyn got a little ahead of me and dumped a ton on the table. I decided that we would make the most of it and let her dump the rest and go to town! I felt like I was cleaning up flour for two weeks afterwards.

Addelyn was playing babies "inside" the box. Quite comical to watch. Yeah, we had a fun winter. We definitely made our own entertainment! And now we are headed outside to enjoy this beautiful day! Have a great spring break week!

who would have thought?

Around five years ago at this time, I started officially dating my husband. I also had the opportunity to meet his friends soon after. At that point, if you would have told me that all of them would have babies in five years, I can't say I would have believed you. Wow, how life can change in five years. It makes me wonder what the next five will bring!

north carolina with the kramers

For our Christmas present this year, Dad and Lora took our family to North Carolina in February. It was a fun getaway. There was a large group of us that went. Dad, Lora, Ben, Jill, Levi, Deb, Mark, Addelyn, and I. We went to visit Lora's brother Will and his wife Cheryl. We got to see their two daughters also while we were there (they are in college). We stayed in their beautiful home outside of Charlotte and were able to relax and spend some time in the area, enjoying the nice weather. Below are just a few highlights from our trip (before my camera died mid-trip):
Okay, I must explain. We bowled one night and my first three frames were zeros. Crazy huh? Try having the smallest hands ever! I kept dropping my ball behind me until the manager came over and brought me a "special sized" kid's ball. Little did I know, he also put up bumpers. Don't worry- I didn't need the bumpers- the kid's ball with smaller finger holes was all I needed. My score ended up in the 90s I think which is pretty amazing considering how I started. I was the joke of the night though!

We spent a day in downtown Charlotte, which was beautiful. I'd love to go back and spend more time. We went to the Discovery Place, which was lots of fun for Addelyn. They had a ton of toddler friendly activities, even one huge room specifically for toddlers. Above she was building towers (or should I say, knocking them down?)

The water table was Addelyn's highlight. She could have spent all day in here. She kept leaving other activities to go back to the water table. Addelyn saw her first 3D movie, which we ended up leaving early because all she wanted to do is go back to the water table!

Playing with Levi and "Aunt Jwilwa" in the toddler room

The Billy Graham Silo- found on the Longview Golf Course. An amazing course that Mark got to golf on twice. Will, Lora's brother, is a great golfer so he jumped at the chance to take the crew golfing.

Dad and his girls, I love this pic!

I love my husband!

Cheryl is an amazing cook. She made amazing meals for us the whole time we were there. I learned some tips from her too. She even got Mark to eat some unique salads and shrimp and grits. Impressive.

Addelyn loved hanging out with family all week and also loved their dog, Gracie. Go figure my camera died before getting a picture of them together or even pics of everyone else on the trip. All in all, it was a great week. Lots of good food, good laughs, but most of all, good time spent with family!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

please and thank you

These days Addelyn remembers everything. She will wake up in the morning and greet us with a comment pertaining to the day before.
"I eat noodles." (dinner the night before)
"I fly on airplane." (every day after getting home from North Carolina)
"I see Austin." (the day before or after going to Jess' house)

As you can see, things are sticking in that little brain. We will drive down the road and she will recognize where we are at. She is processing so much and recognizing and remembering so much.

Why is it that the words please and thank you WILL NOT STICK? I honestly feel like I say "what do you need to say?" five hundred times a day, as I remind Addelyn to use her manners. I don't think she has ever asked for something using the word please until I have reminded her.

Anyone have any great suggestions on how to get these words/manners to stick?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Getting Gas

Addelyn has started reporting loudly with a smile on her face, "I tooted!" The other day she yelled, "Mommy tooted!" in the grocery store. (I hadn't of course but what can you do?)

Yesterday, Addelyn shared with me that she had tooted and then asked her usual question these days, "Why?"

I told her that she had gas in her tummy and that gas came out of her bottom. This is my form of education about "tooting" - forgive me if I'm not completely correct. Addelyn looked at me, then thought for a minute, and responded, "I put gas in car!" as she rubbed her little belly.

I LOVE the thought process and learning happening these days. Every day is something new and you never know what you are going to get!