Monday, September 24, 2012

summer montage

These pictures don't capture our whole summer, but they do grab snippets. We had friends over at various times during the summer for grillouts. Above is a picture with our buddy Lincoln from one of our fun grillout nights.

Bike riding. Addelyn got more comfortable on her wheels this summer and Jace jealously wanted to follow in her footsteps. I would bet next summer he'll be on a bike for sure.
As you can see, the cozy coup isn't as fun once you have sat on a REAL bike! He did hang out in the coup a lot this summer though.

Our neighbor boy spent lots of time over in our yard playing! (He introduces Addelyn to lots of outdoor, animal hunting, frog hunting type of stuff!)

Our buddy Jack had a new baby sister and he got to come for an ALMOST slumber party one night! :)

Jace played with trucks. And more trucks.

Quinlan Family Olympics. This was a weekend of family golf, hanging out, and more. Above, the adults are trying to win the bubble blowing contest. I was close but it didn't happen for me. The kids participated in all sorts of fun contests!

Grandma Stewart came over and read some books.

We made cookies and cards for the new neighbors and we ate some too!

Jace made his own picture.

Jace snuggled with Papa Marvin. Yes, this boy loves to snuggle his Papa.

Jace is "hiding" in this picture- one of the fun games we play around our house.

Addelyn still played "mother" all summer. Despite this boy being over the age of one, his big sister likes to baby him. I was in the bathroom and came out to Addelyn feeding Jace a bottle with water. Doesn't he look huge in this pic?
These pics don't even tell the story of our summer but do give special memories we made along the way!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

recent quotes

I've been writing these words from Addelyn down so I don't forget. Here are from the last few weeks:

At dinner one night, she said this out of the blue:
A:  "My husband died. I got another one...."
We must have had the weirdest looks on our faces after that one.
A:  "Mom, isn't that okay to get another husband if yours dies?"
Me:  "Well, yes Addelyn. When we get married we say we'll stay with someone for the rest of our lives. So if one person passes away, it is definitely okay to get remarried when you are ready to and meet someone."
A:  (Looking at Mark) Yep, Dad.....just so you know, Mom is going to marry someone else if you die!"

Another moment during the day:
A:  "Mom, I really, really want to get married! Will you help me find a husband?"
Me:  Addelyn, you don't have to get married anytime soon. But someday I will definitely help you find a husband! It has to be someone that is like your Dad though!"
A:  "Yep and someone who doesn't say bad words, like turds and poop."

After preschool:
"Mrs. Knapp (her teacher) is just soooo cute! She wears belts on the OUTSIDE of her dress! It is just SOOO cute! Can I get a belt to wear on the outside of my dress?"  (using her hands to tell this story a lot! Where did my daughter get such a desire for fashion??)

Another day:
"Mom, when are you having a baby? Why not yet? Maybe next week? Or the week after?"
(this girl is baby crazy!!!)

Commercials have started to catch this girls attention. Aggh. Out of the blue:
"Mom and Dad, have you considered getting me a Gerber Life College Fund? You probably should!"
A few days later:
"Dad, I don't think your lunchbag keeps your sandwiches cold enough! You need a Pack It. It will keep your sandwich cold for TEN hours!"

After a terrible tantrum, where she said some mean words, we were talking through things:
Me:  "We use kind words in the Hoskinson house. Those words are unacceptable."
A:  "What if we move houses? Can I say that then?" (she was completely serious)

This girl! She can make me want to scream and make me laugh and make me smile all within ten minutes! Gotta love her!

fall is here?!

We're kinda missing summer days already!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

15 months

This little munchkin makes us smile all of the time these days. He is such a joy in our lives.

He is a goofball. Already trying to make everyone laugh.


It is hard to get a 15 month old to sit and take a picture. So we took some running ones. And then finally, give this boy a book. He LOVES books! He will sit and look through books by himself all the time. Or will carry a book, plop down in your lap, and want you to read it to him.

A 15 month pic with his momma. I don't get in the pics often!
A few other things happening at 15 months:
*Starting to say a few words. Lots of Dada, sometimes Mama. Ball (everything is a ball to him!). Fooball (football). Boo (book).
*Still not eating tons of food. Or drinking milk. Still nursing in the morning and night. Loves cheese rice cakes. And grapes.
*Loves being outside.
*Can do a few animal sounds now- duck, cow, dog, horse. Will not always perform of course!
*Between 14-15 months, he got in three of his molars. This caused for a bit more of a cranky Jacers than usual.
*He loves to mimic sounds, like whistling or different patterns of sounds.
*He loves cars, trucks, and tractors! LOVES.
*Loves to sit on Addelyn's bike and have us push him around.
*Loves to dig in the dirt.
*Cries when I leave in the morning or when Mark leaves but then is fine in a few minutes.
*Starting to throw tantrums! Laying on the floor, crying type of tantrums! Woot woot we have a toddler!
*At his 15 month appointment, his weight was 22 lbs, 11 oz, his height was 28 1/2 inches, and his head was 19 inches. He was in the 25th percentile for weight, under ZERO for height, and 80% for head!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


These are the moments I love to catch (when no one knows that Mom is taking a picture!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

14 months

Summer is not my best blogging season! I figure, we are outside making memories- rather than recording them! So as Jace will be turning 15 months old next week, I better get his 14 month pics up on the blog!
What to remember about 14 months:
*Still not eating great, except nursing! This month weaned from nursing during the day- so now I'm only feeding him in the morning and night. It was tough for a few days but overall, he did great! Now we have a new routine for when I put him down for naps (the part I was worried about him adjusting to). He cuddles his head on my chest and wraps those little arms around my neck. I absolutely love it- I didn't want to lose our special bonding time and I feel like we definitely haven't.
*Teething! This boy has hardly been a fussy baby in his fourteen months of life- just these last few weeks, there have been some days that I would say count for FUSSY! Yikes. But he has gotten four molars in the last weeks. They are in fact, still pushing through. This has meant for some rough nights, poor buddy!
*On the go, walking and running EVERYWHERE! Does not sit still for long!
*Loves, loves, loves being outside
*Loves to laugh and make us laugh too
*Likes to dance (the "stiff arm" is what we call it)
*Looks like Papa Dar (EVERYONE says this!)
*Loves books, will sit and look through them by himself all the time- or will bring one over to you and plop down in your lap
*Two naps a day- morning and afternoon
*Overall, an easy going, happy little boy! (yes, I feel like more and more- he looks like a little boy and not a baby!)