Wednesday, July 31, 2013

cheese confusion

Addelyn has never been a big Chucky Cheese fan. She really doesn't like any mascot. She hides behind us and shakes in fear. She got an invite this week to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese and announced that she is not going- because she is too scared of Chucky Cheese. We dropped the subject and nothing more has been said.

Today for lunch, Addelyn requested mac and cheese (often called mac and noodles at our house for some reason). When I told Jace we were having mac and cheese for lunch, he freaked out and started saying over and over, "No mac and cheese! No mac and cheese! I scared! I scared!" I was really confused as to what it was about until he said, "No cheese, Addelyn say he scary!" Haaaa the word confusion. Gotta love his connections though. With all of Jace's food aversions and issues, it would make sense he would be more scared of a food than a person in a large mouse costume!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

little buddy

We love our little buddy Chivon and enjoy the chances we have to invite him to play with us! Chivon fits in well at our house, except for when Jace has to share toys- that is a hard reality. 
(But a good one for that two year old boy!)

He loves being in our backyard- with Snow White, the swings, the bike- he is a content little guy.

Jace considers how to share in this picture.

How cute is this boy?! Just love that little smile.

Monday, July 8, 2013

my children

This is a classic picture that captures my children so well. Addelyn's goofy face as Jace picks his nose. 
I love my kids.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

girls weekend

Once a year, we schedule a weekend where my best gals from college get together. It is wonderful. At the beginning of June we got to have our usual weekend in Dubuque this time. We ate out, did a wine tasting, went shopping (the girls made me buy new clothes- they always have opinions about my need for some fashion help), and just had a great time together, catching up on life. I love these ladies.

may happenings

Today has been a blog catch up day! Or at least the start of one, I am so far behind! So here we go with some updates from May. Mark and our friend A.J. tackled our sidewalk project (had to replace the broken ones before summer started) one night while we hung out with their little guy Lincoln and Christy. The kids wanted to be out helping but that was bad news with wet cement so they had to watch from inside. That quickly changed to couch jumping! It was a fun night to hang with friends and also we are so appreciative of A.J.'s help. 

This little miss not only ended her preschool days during May but also went to Kindergarten roundup. She has grown up so much in the past few months. This winter, I had concerns if she was ready for Kindergarten. On they way into the Cedar Heights parking lot, she screamed, "YAH!!! I get to go to Cedar Heights!" She was so excited!

Just some pics of my cuties.

Doesn't he look like such a big boy, almost two in this picture!

Cookie baking and eating- this kid doesn't love food but he loves sweets! I always know one way to get calories in him. 
The month of May flew by and summer began......lots of memories made since. I'll keep updating. 

softball nights

Every year Mark plays on the church softball league. I remember the first year he played, I went to every game and so did most of the wives/girlfriends. There were hardly any kids at that point and I remember chatting away during the games, cheering on my husband. Oh how the days have changed. Now we are lucky to make it to a few games per season and this is what our cheering section looks like! I'm lucky to actually watch ONE play from an inning:)

We entertain with games like hide and seek and throw the rock in the drain holes and yes, sometimes candy so kids don't run away or onto the field to find their daddies.

Gotta love those softball summer nights! 

Snow White

At the end of May, we got our first pet. Well, second if you count Nemo, the fish. Our bunny, Snow White, has been a great little pet. It has been a good responsibility thing for the kids (mostly Addelyn) to make sure she has food and water every day. Snow White isn't a big fan of Jace- Jace harasses her continually by trying to "ride" her, trying to pick her up, etc. Every day we get Snow White out of her cage and she loves to run around our yard. At this point, we are not getting a dog or a cat- Snow White is plenty!