Monday, September 28, 2009

why i run

Two weeks til the marathon. This video is a small picture of why I'm raising money for World Vision by running. As a mom, I cannot comprehend not being able to give my little girl clean drinking water. My hearts breaks for the other moms around the world who do not even have that option. As I watered my tomato plants in my backyard the other day, I was struck by the fact that I have clean water that I can drench my plants in. Some people do not even have this water to drink or bathe. Instead of living in guilt or living in the mindset "I can't do anything"- I have decided running the Chicago Marathon for World Vision is one way I can do one small thing to make a difference.

Will you join me?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

wedding weekend

Mark's brother Matt got married this weekend. It was a full and fun weekend up in Cherokee. Mark was the best man and Addelyn was a flower girl. I was a scripture reader and also a kid chaser. There were five kiddos in the wedding. Enough said. Here are a few picture highlights!
Addelyn and her cousin Trae getting ready- Addelyn is using Curlformers which really worked out great. Thanks Andrea for the great idea!

My sweet little flower girl- Her mouth is covered with Reeses Pieces. She somehow didn't end up with any on her dress.

The kiddos were really busy all weekend which equals not as many naps. Trae caught a cat nap right before the wedding. Isn't he cute?

Matt and Nicole on the bus on the way to the reception- newlyweds! I loved Nicole's dress. Sorry you don't get to see it in these pics.

Awww I love my husband.

Papa and Nonnie (what Addelyn calls them) with the grandkids (Ty is missing but he was too busy running around. He is five- of course he isn't interested in getting in pictures!)

Family pic

Addelyn was amazing. I had no idea how she would do as a flower girl, especially after our practice run on Friday and even during pics on Saturday. She was running around the church, squeezing through the banisters in the front, and not wanting to be sat or "placed" in certain spots for pictures or to stand still for practice. For the wedding, she walked down the aisle so sweetly and actually sat all during the ceremony. She even walked out afterwards. I was surprised as I had already ran every possible bad moment that could happen through my head so that I could be ready. I was proud of my little girl. She is growing up so much.
Above you can see her at the reception. She had the time of her life. She was in her own little world until about 10 p.m. when she finally crashed (actually she probably could have kept going but we decided to end the night for her BEFORE she hit the point of no return!) She loved the music and would run in circles. We would try to go and dance with her and she really wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted to do her own thing and really did for the first half of the dance. She would laugh, get dizzy, fall down, get up, get dizzy again, bumper car off of another kid or adult, and laugh some more. It was fun to watch! I have some great videos.

One of the highlights of the weekend- Mark and I got to hang out with Nick and Jenna (sorry, JEN, I will probably always call you Jenna, it is stuck). Nick is one of Mark's closest friends from high school/college and they live in Kansas City. We hardly ever get to see them so it was a great time catching up. Our husbands really made this picture, didn't they? Classic.

What a great weekend! Congrats, Matt and Nicole! We are praying for a lifetime of joy for you two (and your family.) We love you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

marathon update

4 weeks til go time!!! The above pictures are from the Park to Park Half Marathon today. A group of people from our team ran it.
Check out my update...and consider joining me on this journey by giving to World Vision for AIDS prevention in Africa.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dance party anyone?

The other night I got together with Liz and Tricia, two of my roomies and closest friends from college. We all have kids within a year of each other so it was fun to see them interact and dance. We laughed as we sat back and realized how much life has changed for all of us since we have been out of college. The dance parties used to be held at 2413 Olive Street, right across from UNI, and they were quite fun also! :)