Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day weekend

What a great weekend! Our fun started on Friday night as we started hitting graduations (it was graduation party weekend BIG TIME!) On Saturday, Mark and Addelyn headed to Cherokee for Ty's birthday party. They had a great time and got to meet a lot of Nicole's family. I headed to lots of graduations with our friends Tim and Shelby. I ate WAY TOO MUCH food but it was a great, full day.
This weekend we watched the bad weather hit VERY close to home...I was a psycho news watcher. We know people affected and are praying a lot for them. It hit us this weekend as sometimes we get so caught up in the little things- making sure the lawn is mowed, the house is clean, was a wake up call, a realization of what is really important. Because we could wake up tomorrow and have NONE of it. It is hard to comprehend the emotions, the feelings, the heartache of the people affected by the tornados. We are praying for them so much.
For Memorial Day, we hung out with our friends the Bartletts and the Hansens for a grillout. Austin and Addelyn played together (kind of, not really...okay, they sat on the floor together) while Boaz took a nap. They never wanted to smile at the same time of course! :)

Addelyn has started sitting up on her own just in the last week or so. Every once in awhile, however; she has a major face plant so you have to really keep an eye on her.

This picture of the three babes was at the end of the night, right before we went home. Addelyn and Austin were getting crabby and tired and needing to go to bed. Boaz was just chilling. But we decided we needed a picture of the "Trifecta." For some reason we got Addelyn to smile but don't let it fool you, she was crabby too! :)

Another new thing about Addelyn...she has been grabbing at EVERYTHING she shouldn't. While Mark and I are eating, she tries to grab our spoons, cups, plates, food, etc. Tonight Mark's chocolate pie almost completely ended up in his lap and she also took my napkin and tried to eat it! She is very interested in everything. I took a sip out of my water bottle, a minute later- she was trying to suck out of it. So of course, when we feed her cereal, she wants to grab the spoon herself. Finally, the other night we let her. What a mess!

This weekend Addelyn tried carrots and green beans for the first time. She did great! This girl loves to eat. She didn't even really seem to notice that they were a different flavor. She gulped them down. What an eater!

After leaving Cherokee on Saturday, Mark and Addelyn made the trip to Perry to spend a little time with the family. Addelyn saw Great-Grandpa Quinlan and Mark said she was all smiles.

Addelyn also got to see the Great-Grandparents on the Hoskinson side. I guess she was quite the ham while they all hung out! Her personality is showing more each day.

We are having way too much fun!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the need to explain

We have quite the giggling girl these days. It is so much fun to hear her laugh. As you can see in the video, Grandma Hoskinson found a great way to get Addelyn to laugh.

After re-watching the video, I realized someone may be calling DHS on us when they see us hitting her with a fan to make her laugh.

So watch this with a disclaimer:

***The fan is made with a soft foam. It does not hurt her! :)

Also, the fan was a gift to Addelyn from Justin and Kristie- they are trying to get our little one addicted to a fan like her father is! I may have to put my foot down. If you don't know, Mark sleeps with a fan every night on high, with it blowing millimeters from his face. And this means that I sleep with the same fan, blowing on my face each night! It is a constant source of discussion for us. :) Gotta love it!

fun with friends

The last week or two has been full and fun. Our friends Josh and Bel got married on Saturday so we had a great time celebrating with friends. Mark was a best man in the wedding. Josh and Bel had quite the Hawkeye theme rehearsal dinner and wedding which was very fitting for them. They are HUGE fans and now even bigger ones since I'm sure they got tons of Hawk memorabilia to decorate their apartment. :) Grandpa and Grandma Hoskinson stayed and helped out with Addelyn during the busy weekend and had TONS of fun with her. So did our friends Kristie and Justin and Ryan. Like I said, it was a FUN and FULL weekend! On Sunday night, we all came home and crashed- Mark, Addelyn, and I!

Our friend's little girl, Mar'kia, had lots of fun holding Addelyn the other night. She was so excited to hold the baby!
The father-daughter Hawkeye fans

The groomsmen and their new Fukudome headbands (oh they were so proud)
Mark and Josh (the groom)

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day and 5 months all at once

My first mother's day has come and gone- along with Addelyn turning five months old. I laid in bed last night,, has my life changed or what? A year ago I couldn't have comprehended what being a mom would be like. And now I can't imagine life without Addelyn. Every day is something new. Pretty amazing!

Addelyn and her cousin Autumn played together this weekend. (Well kind of...) They didn't really pay too much attention to each other but every once in awhile would make little screeches at each other- I'd assume they were having a conversation that only they could understand! :)
It will be fun to watch the two of them grow older and play together. Autumn just turned ten months old.

Check out those two little teeth (if you can see them through the cereal mess!)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

our entertainment these days

Our friends Arika and Caleb came to visit this weekend. Addelyn had fun playing with them! Caleb even gave her a bath! Arika made us cookies, YUM. They are such great friends.

These days are so much fun. We see lots of smiles and Addelyn definitely keeps us laughing.
She screams joyfully. She has a new noise- a little whine to make sure we know she is there. She loves to be outside- we have been going on walks. When she wakes up in the morning (or during the night, yes that still happens)- she cries but then the second one of us is there to pick her up- she is ALL SMILES. We definitely are kept entertained these days. And there are more to come. :)