Monday, December 21, 2009


Every night our bedtime routine consists of a bath, some playtime or a "dance party" as Addelyn calls it, looking at picture albums, and then reading stories, prayers, rocking in the chair, and singing. Tonight during her prayers I couldn't help but laugh outloud. Each night I'll ask Addelyn if she wants to pray for someone. For a few weeks or so she went through a stage where she didn't want to pray so we didn't. I'm so aware of the fact that I never want to make faith something she HAS to do. Of course, we'll teach her and help her grow but I want her to make that choice for herself. Okay, that is the topic of another blog- I'm getting off topic. Tonight, it is time for a story.

As we rocked in her chair, I asked her if she wanted to pray for someone. Usually it is Nonnie and Papa or Daddy or one of her little friends. Tonight, first she said, "toys." I asked her if she was sure. Hmmmm....we have only prayed for people so far. Oh and you can't forget kitties. I suggested that we pray for kids who don't have toys this Christmas. She liked that idea and we prayed. Then I asked if there was anyone else she wanted to pray for. She immediately responded "turds." I said, "what?" thinking I had heard wrong. "Turds" she said again, a bit frustrated that I didn't understand the first time. I coudn't help it....I let out a little laugh. But she wasn't laughing, she really wanted to pray for turds. I prayed and thanked God for allowing Addelyn to be able to go potty. I have to wonder what the thought process was on that one. Guess I'll never know but tonight....we prayed for turds.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

not a baby anymore- updated

Tonight I sat at Alli Roger's concert and as she talked about the birth of a child (speaking of having her little one and also of the birth of Jesus), I ached a bit for the baby that I no longer have. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful and excited for my little two year old girl but I also realized that a season of my life, a season of my first child being a baby- dependant on her mommy, has ended. On happier notes- a new season of toddlerhood and independence has begun! Oh and it has arrived, let me tell you! Addelyn is an amazing little gal and I'm so thankful for her. She is challenging me and helping me grow every day.
Here are some pics from her birthday- she turned two last week. CRAZY where did these two years go?
Mark and I didn't really buy much for Addelyn's birthday- Care Bears fruit snacks and a photo album. She is quite content with what she got. Plus, who needs lot of gifts when you have grandparents? :) In the above picture, Addelyn had just woken up. We had decorated with balloons and a sign and she got to open a present. She was VERY excited for the Care Bears fruit snacks, especially when she got to eat them for breakfast! (not a usual breakfast item at our house ha ha)

The next day was her birthday party and our families joined us at our house for dinner and Addelyn opened her gifts. She received many great things- toys and clothes and other fun stuff. She had fun opening gifts and loved everything. You can tell she is only two though as by the end of present opening she said "no more mommy!" I hope she'll remember that in the upcoming years when she is old enough to make lists and start asking for what she wants.

Believe it or not, she actually opened every card before she opened each present!

Up until Addelyn's birthday, she kept saying that she wanted cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. I told her I would decorate them with kitties and puppies. So every day until her birthday these were the words we would hear...."two." (her holding up her fingers to show two- usually this would be three or four fingers though) "cupcakes." "chocolate." "puppies." "kitties." Over and over and over. So we coudn't disappoint her. The day of her party as she napped, some of our family was already at our house for the party. We spent time decorating the cupcakes and getting creative with cat and dog faces. It was fun and I have to say I was proud of our creations (well, most of them). See if you can find The Joker! Mark's dad really pulled out his creative skills :)

Addelyn liked the faces of the cupcakes and ate all of the candy and frosting off the top but could care less about the cake itself. This is pretty much all she had of her cupcake. It was a great second birthday for Addelyn- thanks to everyone who helped celebrate!

My two year old. I love this little girl. It is going to be a fun year!
Oh, by the way, her two year appointment showed her in the 50th percentile for height (34 1/4 inches) and head (18 3/4 inches) and 25th percentile for weight (24 lbs., 7 oz.)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Addelyn and Finley

Finley is the daughter of Justin and Kristie. Justin and Mark have been friends since college and Mark and Kristie grew up together. A lot of Mark's friends from high school and college started having babies in the past year and it is fun to get together and see our kiddos together. I'm sure this is the first of many pictures to come throughout the years!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is almost Friday. All week I've been waiting for someone to walk into my house and say that I've been Punked. Or that I am on Candid Camera--SURPRISE!!!! Ever have those kind of weeks where you think, "wow, did that really happen?" Or you wonder, is someone watching me right now to see how I'll respond to this situation? I'm really going to show up on Primetime or 20/20 in a few months I think ha ha. I can honestly say a number of things happened this week like that. Don't worry- nothing horrible going on in my life at all. Just a funny, weird week in all kinds of ways. Enough said. Believe me, this picture of Addelyn above with the lotion every where is only one of the parts of my week that I can laugh and shake my head at.