Wednesday, May 30, 2012

laugh of the day

A:  "Mom, you can probably start doing what the guy next door does when it is hot."
Me:  "Oh yeah, what is that?"
A:  "Hanging out outside with your shirt off. Only when it is hot though!"

After we finished eating:
Me:  "Addelyn, please bring over your glass."
(she is always supposed to clear her plate and glass and silverware- she had only brought over her plate/silverware)
A:  "Since you asked so nicely, I will do it!"

*Just felt the need to say that each one of these comments usually leads to a great teachable moment!

Friday, May 25, 2012

quotes of the week

Out of Addelyn's mouth this week:

"Dad Joseph!" (in an exasperated tone....)

"Jace, you are ree-dic-oo-lous." (ridiculous)  (Jace was doing something funny of course!)

A:  "Mom, I asked God for help and he said YES!"
Me: "What did you ask him for help with?"
A: "Can't tell ya, its a secret!"

A:  "Can I watch a movie at Papa and Nonnie's house?"
Me:  "You'll have to ask them when you get there."
A:  "Well, they will say yes. They are Papa and Nonnie!"

Addelyn came downstairs wearing a dress and heavy sweatpants underneath. I asked her why she was wearing such a unique outfit. "Oh, I want to sweat," she said.

Oh how I love these conversations with my girl!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

eleven months

How does time fly by so quickly! I was thinking about a year ago, how my body was getting to the point of being a BIG momma, wanting a little baby to come out!!! And now it won't be long and we'll celebrate this little guy's first birthday. What a great year. I will say adding another kiddo to our family has been awesome. If every kid is this easy, I would take a few more! (I will get in trouble for this post when Mark reads it, guaranteed ha ha!) Here are some fun pictures of our eleven month old Jacers.

We definitely have some business in the front, party in the back action going on.

This boy loves the dishwasher. Can't leave the door open longer than a minute or two, otherwise, he is climbing inside and pulling out dishes!

Mark often mows right after work, at the same time I am trying to get supper ready and the same time of day where Jace wants more attention than usual. It is perfect, he loves to ride with Mark and help him mow!

Trying to take a picture of an eleven month old's face is so difficult! Of course, he is always chewing on something. We are outside a lot these days so I promise you he has already eaten way too much dirt this spring (or sticks, maybe some small rocks- we really have to watch him!) At one point, a few months ago, I thought he was teething but so far- just his eight teeth and nothing more yet. Just a lot of drooling and chewing.

This boy will not smile for the camera. He goes into a blank stare mode if he is really checking things out. So whenever we are in public places or if there is a lot going on around him, he often has this look on his face. 

Of course, always pushing the Directv buttons or the DVD. He has recorded so many random shows on our DVR!

Little man on the go!

Am I mean, I love the crying pictures!? This was when I took away something he was chewing on, he was fine a minute later.

He is mastering the sippy cup with water or breast milk in it (or prune juice on those much needed days.)

Other important things I want to remember at eleven months:
*Starting to eat food a little better. At least a little more finger food. Of course, loves his cheerios. Fruit- he likes. Veggies- not so much. The other night, I gave him a little roast. He gobbled that down. Oh dear, do we have a little meat and potato boy on our hands? I will not give up though- veggies every day! Last night he sucked on a piece of asparagus which was a complete surprise. Usually he smells the food, then closes his eyes and shakes his head if he won't eat it.
*Said "Mama" this month! No "Dada" yet. Says "uh oh" a lot. When asked what sound a duck makes- he quacks. Otherwise, just lots of babbles. He is signing "more" which he uses for about everything- if he wants to be picked up- he'll sign more, same for if he wants to nurse- he will climb up to me and push at my shirt- signing more. I love that he can kind of communicate!
*Still two naps a day and sleeping all night, thank you buddy. 
*He is a little lover (I love his cuddles) but is also on the go! Non stop moving. Kicking his legs, moving his arms, crawling, pulling up on things, walking along things or with his walker in front of him. I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking soon!
Little Jacer boy- we love you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First of the season!

Picked up our first week's veggies today from the CSA we joined. YUM! We did a half share and I am excited about the variety of things we'll be enjoying!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Mark's dad planned a surprise for Mark's mom's birthday. We all headed back to Perry and while she was out for her birthday with friends- we were waiting at the house to surprise her when she got home. I think she was PRETTY excited! The above picture of Addelyn and Trae is one of my favorites. Trae is three and Addelyn absolutely loves when she gets to see her cousins. Trae and Addelyn have a blast playing together.

Of course, you can't surprise Kathy for her birthday without Scratch cupcakes!

Nonnie with her grandkids, probably her favorite birthday present (I'm guessing....)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

ready for the pool

The other morning, we even played "pool" because we are so ready for it to be pool season!!! (Addelyn wanted me to wear my suit too but I said I'd have to wait til it was really time to pull that baby out!)

Wildflowers From Winter by Katie Ganshert

I'm loving this opportunity to blog for books. It is encouraging me to take some time and do one of my most favorite things to do- read! I'd encourage you to check it out if you'd like some free books!

"Wildflowers from Winter" is a fiction book about a young woman, Bethany Quinn, who left rural Iowa to "find herself" in the city of Chicago. Tragedy in her hometown strikes and she finds herself back in Iowa, facing the life she tried to escape. She makes a decision that she will not stay long but many circumstances lead her to being there in Iowa longer than planned. Throughout the book, the author reveals more and more about Bethany's past and how she must make peace with it.

I found myself not wanting to put this book down. It was interesting to follow the character development of Bethany, and understand more of her story. Her past is slowly revealed, which keeps you interested as a reader. I think I also liked the Iowa farm girl part of things, as I can relate. Sometimes Christian romance fiction can get a little cheesy but I didn't feel like this book was too overboard in this area. Overall, it was a good book.
More info about the book and author found at her website.

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.If you would take a moment and rate my review below, that would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

Friday, May 11, 2012

funny guy

 I'm pretty sure our eleven month old has a great sense of humor. It seems like he always knows just the right time to be goofy and try to make people laugh. This display of pics shows a glimpse of his antics lately. How can you not laugh at the faces he makes? The squinting, the wide eyes, and then the giggles. I LOVE this stage!

P.S. In case you wonder what he is chewing on, it is the easiest, cheapest, homemade teething biscuit ever!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

short and sweet

We went in for a chin length bob and came out with a much shorter cut. I will admit, this momma who has committed to not being sad over hair got a little choked up as I walked out to the van with my little girl who looked even more like a "girl" than she ever had. But this same little girl skipped out to the van with her short and sweet hair cut, grinning and loving the new 'do. She can still fit 15 clips in it and that is all that matters! I will admit, this short cut has grown on me as we comb hair every night after bath without tears and it takes seconds. So, maybe the short cut is here to stay?

found it!

Every baby has to experience the tupperware drawer play time, right?
The house went quiet and look who I found playing in the shower!

Friday, May 4, 2012

May day

Happy May Day! (These were officially handed out on May Day, I am officially behind on blogging!)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

easter 2012

Holy week was very a special time this year as I was so thankful to be home more than I ever have been and got to have quality time with my kids as we focused on what the week was about. Here are some pics of fun moments, like egg hunts!

Dar and Kathy were up the weekend before Easter so Addelyn and Dar decorated our front tree (I can't take the credit for it!) Addelyn also got to have a fun little egg hunt in our backyard too.

Loving all the candy and other fun goodies.

 Our sweet little bunny, Jacers

 Beautifully decorated eggs

 Easter morning- we don't really celebrate the Easter bunny but talk about how things are made "new" and we get to have a few new things. Jacers, your new things include toys from your pile and new diapers. Sorry buddy but you don't know the difference. We also made Resurrection Rolls again this year. Note to self:  If the marshmallow isn't completely wrapped up in the crescent roll- it does not disappear (the marshmallow is supposed to represent Jesus and the crescent roll the tomb.) So after baking them, you should find that Jesus is not in the tomb, too bad this year, he was still there:) It was good teachable moment where some quick thinking led us to the fact that Jesus left the clothes he was wrapped in there so that is why there was some white left in the tomb!

 Already coloring, this girl could color night and day!!!

 After church, we headed for Easter dinner at Jen and Trav's house. We had an Easter egg hunt there too. The kids had a blast.

 The "big kids" got to find eggs too.

 Addelyn and Autumn LOVE to play together!

 Ohh the fun. A pinata too. I think Aunt Jiller ended up being the one to break it though!