Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome Lillian Grace!

On August 12th, a beautiful baby girl made her way into the world. My sister and her hubby had their baby, Lillian Grace. I can't tell you how excited and thankful I am for this beautiful little girl. I love her so much already. I only wish they live closer so I could cuddle her more often. 

We drove down to the hospital on her second day of life to greet her. It was a short stay- a two year old at 7 pm at night in a hospital room = not a good idea! My kids were super excited about Lillian though.

This little girl was MORE than super excited. She was giddy!!! Baby love!

A family picture with our new niece and cousin!

These proud parents- they had a rough few days leading up to this baby being born. My sis is such a strong woman- she rocked that labor. Yikes. Ask her if you want to hear a crazy labor story sometime! Just thankful that both her and Lily are doing great now.

We made tshirts for the kids and a onesie for Lily.

When this little girl was a week old, Addelyn and I went to visit and help out. We had to see more of this little sweetie.

My sis- what a beautiful mom! Inside and out!

Marvin and Lora happened to come at the same time. So family picture time!

She was so wide awake and alert. Such a sweet little baby!

Look at the love in this picture!

Addelyn takes the role of being a "big cousin" very seriously.

So much love for this little peanut!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

back to school traditions

I can hardly believe my little girl is going to kindergarten. So with kindergarten starting, we decided to have a fun girls afternoon. We grabbed Amigos lunch- both of our favorites.

We hit up Target for school supplies. She was so excited to get her supplies.

Then we headed to Sparkle Salon for a back to school haircut.

I talked her out of a "pixie dust cut" - I have no idea what that is but I convinced her an inch or two cut off with layers would be cute!

Then this mom (who really wanted a pedicure) decided to start a back to school tradition- the two of us getting pedicures. A List Salon is cheaper than most- only $29 for both of us. Not gonna lie, I fell asleep during my pedicure. My favorite back to school tradition so far! 

Then my big girl and I hit up Yogurt Pro for a treat. 

Look at our beautiful toes. I am excited for this tradition. Now if I can get excited for my little miss to go to kindergarten. Yikes. School starts in a few days but I think I'm in denial! When did she get so big?

wisconsin dells

This year Dar and Kathy took us all to Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend. Matt and Nicole and family came too so it was great for everyone to be together. Those cousins have way too much fun together!

We stayed at the Wilderness, which is awesome. We stayed there once before in the winter and it is perfect. We stayed in a three bedroom place and it was perfect. We all had our own room, and Jace had his own room in the bathroom. There are waterparks and pools both indoor and outdoor so you don't even have to leave the park. We spent time at both.

Addelyn was quite the little fish this year. She is getting much more confident in the water.

We went on the Duck Boats one day. It was a fun little outing for everyone.

Ty loved it because he got to drive the Duck Boat.

We got duck calls and the kids loved them. Yeah us too.

The Wilderness has an amazing candy shop. Here you can see all of us sitting at the table, going through our loot. SO. MUCH. CANDY. 

The last night we went to the arcade. The grandparents gave each kid $10. That was spent quickly!

Don't worry, Jace just sat on rides and thought he was playing. It was perfect.

He also made his own rules, if you can see him in this picture.

Addelyn chose disappearing ink for her prize. Here is Papa Dar, pretending to be soooo mad. He always plays along so wonderfully with the kids.

She also chose the tiara. Of course.

Did I mention that it wasn't only the kids that wanted to play games?

The last night we had a movie night. I got to cuddle with my two and watch Toy Story 3. A big thanks to Dar and Kathy for taking us to the Dells. What great memories made.