Tuesday, December 28, 2010

party time

Crazy to think my little girl turned three a few weeks ago. Where does the time go? It honestly doesn't seem like three years ago that I held her for the first time in that hospital room and listened to her intense cries, experiencing one of the most incredible moments of my life.
This year we knew Addelyn's birthday weekend was going to be crazy (with moving and other events falling on the same weekend) so we planned a fun little mid-week party with friends. We go to church and eat dinner every Wednesday night so we invited some of Addelyn's little buddies to come and decorate and eat cupcakes with us after dinner at the church. The Terrific Twos room worked out perfectly for this event with the little tables and chairs and toys to play with. We had all sorts of yummy toppings for the cupcakes and the kiddos surrounded the tables to decorate.
I have to say the cupcake decorating went suprisingly better than expected. Only one cupcake had a whole sprinkle container dumped on it!

Addelyn worked hard on her decorations, only to run away to play when she was done and not even eat a bite of her cupcake. Too bad at 8:30 that night, she remembered that cupcake that had gone uneaten, which made for a bit of an unhappy camper.

Harrison LOVED his cupcake!
Quinnlyn and Addelyn hid in the tent for awhile and played. (Notice Jaxon getting their attention on the side!)

The end of the party....holding her favorite new stickers from Boaz. Tired out from all of the fun and attention! What a fun little birthday party. I think Addelyn loved it. We are thankful for the wonderful friends we have!

We give thanks, a little late

I have gotten a little behind on my blogging these days when it comes to this blog being my scrapbook! So here goes my attempt to catch up a bit on the lives of the Hoskinson fam.
This year for Thanksgiving we spent some time in Steamboat Rock and in Perry. While in Perry, we went to a winter parade at night. Kinda fun but COLD!

Thankfully Kathy has the "in" and we got to watch most of the parade from the bank window! Right front and center. We did go outside for candy canes though. Funny to see them throw candy to kids in the dark.

Kramer Thanksgiving= lots of fun, lots of food. Addelyn got to play with her cousins Autumn and Aiden and she LOVED it. Autumn and Addelyn played upstairs and pretended they were babies. It was funny looking in on them, seeing them playing together. It made me realize how OLD Addelyn is getting. These pictures are of them going down the stairs on their buns- they would go up and down, up and down! So much entertainment with just a flight of stairs. I remember playing on these same stairs with my cousins Eric and Jen (Autumn's mom) and my sister. We would sit on a sleeping bag, put all of our stuffed animals on too, and ride down the stairs for hours of fun! Gotta love creativity. The best thing about growing up on the farm is that we didn't have cable TV or tons of kids around to entertain us. We MADE our entertainment!

Tired from all of the playing and eating!

I never get a picture of these two without my dad giving us a goofy grin. I was excited to have a good pic of the two of them!

The pilgrim Addelyn made at Ilene's this year. I chased her down to take this picture, only to end up holding it to the back of her head! She is anti pics these days.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 week house guests

When Randy and Marla said we could stay with them while in-between houses, they probably didn't know what they were getting themselves into! We ended up living in their basement for six weeks. I can honestly say it was a really fun six weeks (at least for us!) They were amazing and truly opened up their home to us. Addelyn had a blast at their house. Marla and Randy are both great with kids and so Addelyn spent LOTS of time harassing the two of them. Oh and while I talk about harassment, I can't leave out Ringo. Addelyn LOVES this dog. Ringo is one of the nicest dogs ever- he took so much abuse from Addelyn. One day I even saw Addelyn leading Ringo around by his ears, as if they were a leash. Mark spent a lot of time sitting in their hot tub, I spent a lot of time sleeping on their couch (hey, come on- first trimester!), and we spent a lot of time chatting and enjoying the company of the Randy and Marla. Thanks to two wonderful people for hosting us!!!
Addelyn and her "best buddy Ringo" (as she told me one day, with her arm around Ringo)

Trying on one of Marla's bathing suits, this one was pretty sweet let me tell ya!

Addelyn helped Randy rake. Can't you tell how hard she is working?!

Just a usual day, it began at 7 a.m. Chasing Ringo, rolling around on Ringo, loving on Ringo, petting Ringo, more chasing Ringo!

Oh and how could I forget breakfast!? Most days Randy would get up and ask Addelyn what she wanted for breakfast. And then he would make an amazing, yummy breakfast for Addelyn (and Mommy!) Randy can come cook breakfast for us anytime!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

things being said these days......

Just a few quotes from the past few days!

Prayer before bed last night....
"Dear God,
Thanks for Jess's house. Thanks for Ilene's house. Thanks for popcorn. Thanks for breakfast. Thanks for my toes.

"Mom, I forgot to tell you I have a toad."
(she says this five times, I cannot understand her....FINALLY i realize, she is talking about her COLD. A very stuffed nose!)

Addelyn is a little bargainer. She will say things like, "If I eat three more bites, I get to have dessert." Or "If I take a good nap, I get to watch a movie tonight, right?"

More about our three year old, the big move, and much else to come!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bring it on Winter!

Okay, not really. We have too much going on this weekend for a winter storm to bother us! Moving into our new house, family coming from out of town, Addelyn's birthday, and Christmas Store/Craft Fair. So we're hoping this winter storm will pass us over!