Sunday, July 27, 2008

nine teeth, are you kidding me???

July is flying by. In fact, it is almost over! Where did our summer go? We are loving our summer days and nights...enjoying the moments we have together as a family and of course, are keeping very busy. Note some of the milestones we've been experiencing below!

Uncle Tanner likes to come over and play with Addelyn and hang out. He, along with Grandma Stewart, joined our dance party the other day (yes, Mark and Addelyn and I have dance parties!) Addelyn loves the music and giggles at our impressive dance moves! :)

Oh child, we find you in the craziest positions! This was taken at 11 p.m. a few nights ago.

After bath, doesn't she look very sweet and innocent!?

Addelyn loves kisses from Daddy!

Bath time has moved from the little blue tub over the sink to the big bath tub. Addelyn LOVES her baths now that she can splash and move around more. She has some new bath toys and a watering can that increase the fun. She doesn't mind getting her face wet- in fact the other day we took a shower and she loved that too.

See those teeth.....too bad only a few of them are peaking out. If you get a little closer and can get Addelyn to open her mouth wide for you- you'll notice the NINE teeth she has. Her first two showed up at four months and the rest have all followed within the past few weeks. I think there is a tenth one working it's way out now too. She will have a mouthful before we know it! can do it, come on baby, come on. Plop. Back down on her tummy. She just hasn't figured out what to do next. Being on all fours is definitely a new thing though. Addelyn can scoot a bit, but for the most part, would rather be sitting up, looking around. It may be awhile before crawling, we'll see!


The Burgetts said...

NINE teeth oh my goodness!!! She is always smiling and happy in every picture, you'd never know she was cutting all those pearlys!!!!
Riley's yet to officially cut any (one's sort of sitting there on the top)and some days she's an absolute beast with teething. Our little paranah.

Go Addelyn with the rocking!It took Riley a lot longer than I thought it would to really get the hang of crawling. She started the up on all fours at 5mos and just this past weekend really figured out hand-hand leg-leg crawling.

Love the pictures, especially the creative sleep positions cracks me up! She seriously seems like she's such a fun person to have around. You guys are blessed! :0)

Jen said...

Wow, teeth! You should sign her up for gymnastics with that malleability. So glad things are going well for you guys up North. Nick and I both love seeing the family pics. Kris, I have questions for you...send me an email ( when you get a chance.

Becky Bartlett said...

I can't believe how big she looks in these pictures... sitting up with teeth!!! WOW!!!