Wednesday, August 26, 2009

brush my hair?

Can I tell you one of my secrets? I ABSOLUTELY love it when I get my hair brushed. Sounds weird I know but it relaxes me so much and can put me to sleep. When I would babysit in high school and college, I would always ask the kids if they would want to do my hair. Of course, I would often end up with frizzed out, messed up hair but gosh, it was completely worth the 10 minutes of bliss. I love getting my haircut because of the part when they shampoo and blowdry and brush my hair. Ahhhh....I love just thinking about it.

Tonight Addelyn was taking her little doll's brush (it came in a pack of doll supplies- the miniture versions of everything from a bib to a potty chair for her "babydoll") and started to brush my hair. I was extremely excited as I realized I have entered the stage where I can ask her to brush my hair. It only lasted for a few minutes but she found those few minutes extremely entertaining and hilarious; she laughed the whole time she did it for some reason!

The best part....Mark asked Addelyn if she would brush his hair too. He leaned his head over and she took the brush and ran it through his hair for a split second. Then, after a moment's thought, she took the brush and began to run it through his leg hair! The mind of a toddler, I love it!


The Burgetts said...

HAHAHAHA the mind of a toddler is right!!!!

Ashley Schrage said...

too funny!

my friends and I used to brush each other's hair during "wings" (wednesday church night)

Becky Bartlett said...

oooo... I love getting my hair brushed, too! Glad Addelyn enjoys it! Is it weird to teach my boys to do that?!?! :)