Thursday, October 22, 2009

LA Trip

In September, Mark had a work trip to Los Angeles, CA with his co-worker Justin. Justin's girlfriend, Kaitlyn, and I got to go along. We had a fun couple of days in LA!
In the airport- we had a few "setbacks" for our flights, both on the way out and back. Lets just say we spent more time in the airport than planned!

This was in Hollywood, outside of Kodak Theatre. We had to do the touristy thing of course!

We went to a really fun restaurant/bar place called U-Wink. Notice the winks. :) At each table in the restaurant was a touch screen. We ordered our food on the touchscreen and also could play games on there. We could play each other across the table and also challenge other tables in the restaurant to play. For Mark and his competitiveness, this was a perfect place! He loved it! We stayed there for a few hours and played games and had appetizers.

Here is our Napoleon Dynamite guy we met. He even put on his chapstick for us!

Long story short, because of Mark's job we ended up getting some extra tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert at the Staples Center. I didn't even know any of the songs but now I do. I think Miley has grown on me. :) Party in the USA baby!!!!

On the Santa Monica Pier- we spent one afternoon at the beach. It wasn't a sunny afternoon but still was pretty nice. I would say relaxing on the beach is one of my favorite vacation options.

Mark and Justin spent most of the time playing frisbee in the ocean. Kaitlyn and I joined them for awhile despite the cold water!

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