Tuesday, August 31, 2010

quotes this week.....

I need to keep writing down the things Addelyn is saying these days. Too funny and sweet!

The other night when we put her down for bed, she was yelling from the other room, "I'm scared! Mommy, keep me safe! Keep me safe!"

She told me one night that she didn't like cows. Or pigs. Or chipmunks. (out of the blue, before bed)

Yesterday she walked in the bathroom and asked me if I needed a coupon (maybe you can guess what she was talking about).

When going to the bathroom, she asks us to leave because she needs her "privacy."

"Oh man."

Driving home from a fun night at the pool and dinner at friend's a few weeks ago- she said, "Thanks so much for going to the pool and to Jess'. It was fun." (without any prompting for a thank you! AMAZING!)


Jill said...

Just makes me smile and laugh and wait anxiously until I see her next!

Becky Bartlett said...

We're in prime quote stage now, aren't we?? Too funny...