Sunday, April 7, 2013


I love celebrating Easter with my kiddos. Although we try to share the Good News year round, I feel like Easter is a great time to really focus and understand what our faith is all about.

The Resurrection Rolls we started doing with Addelyn a few years ago and this year, Jace was able to join in making them (he may or may not have eaten a lot of marshmallows in the process). Addelyn worked hard to make most of the rolls for our family. 

How to make Resurrection Rolls-  Get crescent rolls, sugar, cinnamon, melted butter, and marshmallows. The marshmallow represents Jesus. You dip him in butter to represent the oils they used on his body after he died, roll him in the sugar mixture to represent the spices used on his body, and wrap the crescent roll around the marshmallow to represent the tomb. After you close the tombs up, put them in the oven for "3 days" and see how Jesus is gone from the tomb when you eat it! He has risen!!!

I learned the hard way- to be sure to close those tombs up well! Last year, Jesus did not leave the tomb. Try having that teachable moment! 

Making our rolls...

While they were baking, the kiddos opened their Easter baskets. 

Jesus has risen! The tomb is empty this year, woohoo!

The crazy part is- even Jace ate the resurrection rolls. He doesn't eat much so this was a big surprise for us. Maybe because he saw a marshmallow go inside of each one? He has Risen indeed!!

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Juli Camarin said...

You are such a good mama! What an amazing idea and a wonderful way to explain the resurrection! I love it!