Wednesday, July 31, 2013

cheese confusion

Addelyn has never been a big Chucky Cheese fan. She really doesn't like any mascot. She hides behind us and shakes in fear. She got an invite this week to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese and announced that she is not going- because she is too scared of Chucky Cheese. We dropped the subject and nothing more has been said.

Today for lunch, Addelyn requested mac and cheese (often called mac and noodles at our house for some reason). When I told Jace we were having mac and cheese for lunch, he freaked out and started saying over and over, "No mac and cheese! No mac and cheese! I scared! I scared!" I was really confused as to what it was about until he said, "No cheese, Addelyn say he scary!" Haaaa the word confusion. Gotta love his connections though. With all of Jace's food aversions and issues, it would make sense he would be more scared of a food than a person in a large mouse costume!

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