Monday, February 17, 2014

from the mouth of my sweet boy

These days with Jace are filled with lots of laughs and some days, I feel like the mom from the book "No, David!" by David Shannon. She is constantly telling her son what he shouldn't be doing. At the end of the day with this two year old, I often feel that way. "No Jace, you can't jump off the kitchen table, especially with an already broken toe! No Jace, please don't spread peanut butter across the kitchen island! No Jace, please do not write with a marker on our wall.....and so on!"

That is why I love ending the day, laying next to this little boy in his big boy bed, chatting away with him as he slows down for the day and is done punching and head butting and wrestling and will just lay with me. (Just so you know, this isn't every night but it happened tonight so I will blog about it while I am in the moment!) Every night with our kids, we sing the song "I Love You Lord." Sometimes they sing along, sometime not. Tonight it was just me singing as Jace closed his eyes and smiled a big ole smile. He opened his eyes, wrapped his little arm around my neck, and said, "Mom, you make me smile when you sing." Ahhh, love that boy. Then, two seconds later, he lets out a big toot and says, "Mom, do you think God laughs when I toot?" Oh Jacers, I do think God has great big smiles on your little life and what is ahead.

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Becky Bartlett said...

Ha! So funny... and sweet... and really funny. Just love boys.