Wednesday, June 11, 2008

rain rain go away

It is hard to believe how close to home all of the recent tornados and now the flooding is. Our house is fine....but the flooding is making it hard to get anywhere. Yesterday Mark and I spent about three hours in the car, it was like we were in Chicago rush hour traffic at times, just as we tried to get around Waterloo and Cedar Falls. There are just so many roads closed. We are watching the weather, praying hard, and Mark has been working hard at sandbagging. (My shift is staying home with Addelyn!) I was thinking about the weather issues/disasters that hit around the world all the time and how it wakes you up when it is this close to home. It is easy to sit and watch things on the news but how crazy is it when it is right down the street from you!
I talked to Mark's mom, Kathy, tonight and we remembered how Addelyn was born during that crazy snowstorm on December 11th, six months ago. Go figure that her six month birthday would include more intense weather. It is so fitting for the personality of our wonderful little girl....INTENSE. She is going to make waves wherever she goes in life!

Here is Addelyn with her new little buddy, Trey Matthew Haak. His proud parents are Matt and Tricia. Trey had just turned six weeks old in this picture.
Addelyn looks like she is going to eat him!
Proud Mom Tricia
Look at those big beautiful eyes!

Addelyn was born to be a Cubbie. She has really no choice, according to her daddy! She is already cheering them on....what a record so far this year- 41-24
(not counting the game going on right now!)
Go Cubs Go!!!!
Pound it!
This past weekend, Addelyn and I made a trip to Steamboat Rock and spent the night. Here is Addelyn with Great Grandpa Kramer, who was entertaining her by taking his teeth out! She was very interested in what was going on! We had lots of fun seeing everyone.

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Becky Bartlett said...

6 months!! That's so hard to believe. More great pictures... great to see you last night.