Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 months!

The sign had to have a separate picture all on it's own this month. Getting Addelyn to take a picture with the sign was impossible....

As you can see....she is much more interested in the paper than the camera.

Which is why I said, forget the paper, we'll just try to go for a picture!

Ten months has flown by. I can hardly believe it. We ended up getting Addelyn's nine month check-up right at ten months. She was in the 50th percentile for her weight, length, and head. An average sized baby! She is just under twenty pounds, 19 lbs. 3 oz. (my back and arms are starting to notice). She is 27.5 inches long. A growing girl!

The tired "I need a nap" stare

Eating meals gets more fun by the day as Addelyn is able to eat more and more table foods and enjoys feeding herself. She still has pureed food and cereal but has been trying many other foods. She loves green beans, cottage cheese, and Cheerios right now.

While I'm getting dinner ready in the kitchen, Addelyn loves to dig through this cupboard. She plays with the tupperware and pulls everything out. For awhile, it wasn't the most baby friendly cupboard but I finally got on the ball and moved things around so she can safely pull things out! It happens to be that in this picture, she had just found an open package of her favorite crackers and helped herself to them. I looked down to find her eating!


GAK said...

So much fun!! Addelyn it was so nice to talk to you on the phone ( could see you waving Hi to me through the phone. Grandpa & Granpa are so excited for the big FIRST B-DaY BASH. Hard to believe
it's been a year already. You're so grown up.

GAK said...

Addelyn it was so much fun talkiing with you on the phone today, I could even see you waving at me. We're so excited for your FIRST B-Day Bash. Hard to believe a year ago Grandma Stewart, Aunt Jiller, Grandpa & I were having a slumber party at your house waiting for your arrival.