Wednesday, January 14, 2009

13 months

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse at her personality!

Right now one of her favorite activities is to take all of her clothes out of the drawers. She throws them back over her shoulders. She also takes all of her books off the shelves too.

She loves this learning center that she got for her birthday. She dances ALL the time.

Throwing all of the clean, FOLDED clothes onto the floor. She threw them out, carried them around the house, and put some back into the basket. Who needs toys?

Another classic look...

Addelyn has taken off in the past few weeks. She is walking EVERYWHERE, quickly, often with things in her hands. Almost running! It is changing our life. She doesn't sit still, doesn't stay in one room for long, and moves from one activity to the next.
A few other things she is doing at 13 months:
*Carrying things from room to room and stashing them in various places (my brush in Mark's hat basket, magnets in the crib, tampons in her toybox, books from my bookshelf EVERYWHERE in the house, etc. etc.)
*Communicating!...she says Mama and Dada a lot. Other words she says...more, baby, bear, and then often tries to copy other words we say. She also communicates with signing - more, water, book, sleepy.
*She will walk to the highchair when she is hungry, to her room when she is tired.
*She can grab things off of the table and other "high" surfaces that we thought were safe. We found out the hard way the other night when Mark saw her walking around the house with a steak knife in her hand. I'm so sorry to say, I'm not joking. No worries, she didn't cut herself but it could have been BAD! We now have realized we need to "toddler-proof" our house. A whole new world again.
*She likes to take my brush and brush her hair.
*She loves throwing the pillows off of the couch and running around with them.
*She is starting to show some signs of toddler-ism. A bit of arching her back and crying when she doesn't get her way.
*She is done with the bottle during the day but still takes one at night right before bed.
She isn't too excited about the whole milk yet!
*She still loves to eat. Favorites right now are: crackers, peas, black olives, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, pretty much any veggies. And then it really depends on the day- one day she loves yogert, another she won't touch it!
*She spends a lot of time on her little pink chair she got for her birthday. She will go from her chair to the couch and back again. It is almost like a "home base" for her. She has also discovered that it is fun to stand and jump on the chair or sit on the side arm and bounce. All of these things make Mom NERVOUS.
*She likes to be chased. The "I'm gonna get you!" game.
*She points out her hair, eyes, nose, ears, & mouth when asked. She usually gets it right!
This is fun. Never knew I would enjoy this so much.


Becky Bartlett said...

It's funny to see this post right next to the picture of you and Mark in the hospital with her. Man... that seems like just a couple months ago!! :)

Maribeth said...

Hi Kris,
Love your blog! Your baby is a beautiful, busy toddler now... I can just picture all your descriptions. I remember the phase when everything, and I mean everything, gets thrown in the, keys, rings, books.