Saturday, January 24, 2009

a perry trip

Last weekend Addelyn and I spent time in Perry to put on a baby shower for Trae, Addelyn's new cousin. Mark was supposed to drive down after work but because of the nasty winter weather, didn't make it. Sorry Mark, we had fun without you! We got to see lots of the fam and friends.
We tried to get a picture of Great-Grandpa Quinlan & all of the great-grandkids. These were the BEST of the pics we took. :) It was one, two, three...throw them on the couch and quick try to get a picture! Pretty hilarious!

Addelyn finally met her buddy Carter (Nick & Jen's little guy). Mark & Nick have been friends since they were kids & were roommates in college. We definitely don't get to see their family enough. Carter is very sweet and cute. Can you believe we got a picture of them both looking at the camera? Two smiles was probably too much to ask though. We'll take what we can get!
Mark still hasn't met Carter. We're hoping this can happen before Carter turns one!

Grandpa Hoskinson changed his first dirty diaper this weekend. (Okay, first one of Addelyn's.....I am assuming he did a few back in the day....??? ha ha!)

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Jen said...

Ah you got the pictures up first...I am so behind. That is a good one of the two of them! It was really great seeing you guys. I wish we lived closer. Maybe someday.

It's good to know we aren't alone on the tricky little ones playing with the tired 'rents in the middle of the night. He only suckered me into getting up with him once in the middle of the night last night...we'll see how tonight goes!