Monday, May 4, 2009

16 months and everything else

I realized that Addelyn will be seventeen months old very soon which means my sixteen month update is behind. Here we go.....April was a full month for the Hoskinsons. So let me tell you what we've been up to!

Our little gal has lots of personality. That is for sure! She has kept us moving this month. Running around, trying to play outside on the nice days, saying lots of new words each day (bus was the new one on the way to the babysitter's house this morning), repeating the words we tell her to say, laughing, chasing, running more, playing with her dollhouses- one is an old one of mine and one a friend gave us- we have them side by side on our porch. It is pretty funny- she found a little dog with the set of furniture and people and that is the favorite piece from the set so far. Everytime she goes out to play she picks up the dog and puts him on the bed in the dollhouse and then covers him up with the little mattress. She is such an animal lover! She still loves her "baby" which she now calls "babydoll" and sleeps with her every night. Of course, "babydoll" is large and awkward and has a hard head and legs and arms. Go figure. Couldn't pick the nice soft stuffed animal to sleep with!
She is also a daddy's girl right now. Every morning and every night she says his name if I am the one to come in and get her or put her to bed. Mark had a guy trip to Chicago this weekend (saw the Derek Lee Grand Slam) and I honestly think Addelyn said "Daddy" a hundred times at least! I keep thinking this has to be a stage, but then again, daddy will probably always be the "fun one." I can't complain though. She does have a pretty amazing daddy!

We haven't been sitting at home this month that is for sure. Last week we went to Des Moines because I got the opportunity to pin my sister for her RN nursing degree which she finished at Mercy. She takes the boards in a few weeks. We are so proud of her. It was a special honor to get to pin her (although I did put it on sideways and it fell off when we sat down). She is job hunting now and finishing her BSN. I'm hoping she finds a job over our way!

I traveled cross country a few weeks ago and went to Massachusetts to visit my friend Rachel. We did a Dicipleship Training School with YWAM together seven years ago. She is an amazing woman and friend. It was so good to catch up face to face. I'm inspired and encouraged by her. Here you can see us in a little town off the coast. We spent most of our weekend talking and catching up but also did a little walking around in some of the towns which was fun. I love the atmosphere, it reminded me of my Cape Cod summer during college- the beauty along the ocean, the little shops, and the historical buildings. We spent time in Rockport and Salem (yes the location of the Salem Witch Trials). It was such a great weekend trip.

One of my best friends from college, Kacey, came to hang out with us one day this month. She brought her son Grayson along. He turns two next week. He is one of the sweetest little guys you will meet. He kept giving Addelyn hugs and kisses. Below I tried to capture one of the hugs.

Easter also happened during April.....we had a full Easter weekend- celebrating what our faith is all about, the promise we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Good Friday services, the Kramer family Easter get together (which included Addelyn's first Easter egg hunt with her cousin Autumn), and church on Sunday and brunch with our friends the Hansens. Addelyn also learned to hop like a bunny, which she is doing in the above picture!

Don't forget the special day, April 1st! No not April Fools Day, but yes, our 3rd Anniversary! Mark and I took off on Saturday night of that weekend for a night away. We went to Cedar Rapids, played virtual golf (we played a course in Hawaii), watched the Final Four tournament- yes our anniversary always falls on the tournaments, ate out for dinner at a sports bar, and spent the night at a nice hotel. (Can you tell it was my year to plan it? I wanted to make it a really fun night for Mark- Sports Theme!) It was a great night away for us and for our marriage. It is hard to make time for those kind of moments but the more we do, the more I am convinced it is so important for our family and for our future that Mark and I work on our marriage. It is so easy to get busy and put our marriage on the back burner. Hopefully we can continue to be intentional and take these type of opportunities.
Other things going on in our life- finishing out the semester of ministry (spring is a busy time!), Mark working hard at DTI, marathon training for me, and trying to find time to grow and play as a family.

I couldn't resist one last picture. This is how I found "babydoll" the other day. I died laughing. Addelyn took a plastic piece off my hairdryer and put it over her face, along with a different shoe on each foot. I'm not sure about the story behind babydoll's mask but she really was getting her ready for the day! I love this toddler stage. New laughs every moment. Life is good.


Jill said...

Just so you know I laughed outloud in the library when I saw this picture ha ha love it!

The Hansen's said...

like Jill, I laughed out loud at Addelyn's doll choice of clothing!! Hilarius! Great pics, good stories... now keep them coming a little more timely next time :) Not like you have much going on in the month of May!?!? ha! :-)

Becky Bartlett said...

Great update... and the doll made me laugh, but mostly freaked me out!! :)