Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is almost Friday. All week I've been waiting for someone to walk into my house and say that I've been Punked. Or that I am on Candid Camera--SURPRISE!!!! Ever have those kind of weeks where you think, "wow, did that really happen?" Or you wonder, is someone watching me right now to see how I'll respond to this situation? I'm really going to show up on Primetime or 20/20 in a few months I think ha ha. I can honestly say a number of things happened this week like that. Don't worry- nothing horrible going on in my life at all. Just a funny, weird week in all kinds of ways. Enough said. Believe me, this picture of Addelyn above with the lotion every where is only one of the parts of my week that I can laugh and shake my head at.


Becky Bartlett said...


The Burgetts said...

!!!!!!!!! haha. What a goober! We haven't had any thing like this happen...yet. Riley's more into putting things in the toilet.
Amity on the other hand blew out her diaper up her back into her hair and all over some furnature so I can kinda relate in how fun Addelyn's mess musta been to clean up! :0D

Jiller said...

Ha ha. Love it. Miss that little munch.