Saturday, March 6, 2010

Getting Gas

Addelyn has started reporting loudly with a smile on her face, "I tooted!" The other day she yelled, "Mommy tooted!" in the grocery store. (I hadn't of course but what can you do?)

Yesterday, Addelyn shared with me that she had tooted and then asked her usual question these days, "Why?"

I told her that she had gas in her tummy and that gas came out of her bottom. This is my form of education about "tooting" - forgive me if I'm not completely correct. Addelyn looked at me, then thought for a minute, and responded, "I put gas in car!" as she rubbed her little belly.

I LOVE the thought process and learning happening these days. Every day is something new and you never know what you are going to get!

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The Burgetts said...

Riley is in a stage of thinking any bodily function sound is hliarious- but she likes to say "excuse me I buwped" (even when she didn't)...I'm dreading the "MOMMY TOOTED!!!" moment- hasn't happened yet. With my luck it'll be when Amity can talk to and they'll both be going on and on about it- loudly. Also with my luck I really will have. :0)