Sunday, June 13, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a few months

Matching aprons. Now if I just would start baking/cooking more!

No the Hoskinsons did not get a dog. Kacey comes from the Hansen household and as you can see- Austin, Kacey, and Addelyn thought that jumping on the couch was quite a fun option. I obviously could not grab a picture of them sitting still.

I love to cuddle. No one seems to want to cuddle with me at our house. Addelyn was not born a cuddler. However, every once in awhile, she will want to cuddle and let me tell you, I grab those moments. This was a before bed, movie night, cuddle time together!

Painting and eating pudding (great idea Jess!)

Crabby morning?

A chocolate donut for a special morning breakfast treat

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Jen said...

Oh goodness she is so adorable. Her hair is getting so long! I wish instead of the guys weekend, we were doing a families weekend so we could all see each other. Maybe we could plan one of those soon!