Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just one of those days

Some days.

1. No nap for Addelyn. She played in her room. Yelled. Cried. Yelled more. Played her keyboard. Yelled, "MY EYES JUST WON'T SHUT!!!!" Over and over.

2. While I switched laundry, she kicked down/pushed over her gate. Dang. Gate number two. Fail. Picked up her cute little stool from the bathroom, carried it into the spare bedroom and reached a random sharpie in the middle of the pen/pencil jar, and colored our white duvet with some nice blue sharpie designs.

3. Tonight, Addelyn stared up at me with her big ole blue eyes. She said, "Mommy, when I get older, will I have owies like you?" She pointed at my zits on my face. I could only laugh!

4. Sweet, sweet, sleep.......the day ended. Addelyn passed out in front of the gate, again. Scooped up her little body and carried her to bed. Just love the little girl.


Our Life said...

I can tell Audrey and Addelyn are the same age! :) Days like this can be frustrating, but then I look at my 7 year old and wonder where the years went and it makes me cry and appreciate the fiesty 2's. :) (most times!) :)

Ashley Schrage said...

LOVED our "coffee" date. thanks SO much for the muffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!