Thursday, September 23, 2010

letter to my girl

Dear Addelyn,
I realized if you ever read this blog someday (which is one of the reasons I am doing this- a scrapbook for you!) you will think your mom was only annoyed and stressed with you. To be honest, I like to share your funny comments and stories because I know some day we will look back and laugh. At the same time, I want you to know what an amazing little girl you are and how much we love you. Even though sometimes you push my buttons, more of my day is spent enjoying you and your personality and who God has made you to be.

You have a very tender heart. You can be very sensitive. You love babies and it is so sweet to watch you carry your baby doll around (you finally named one of them- Avery, not just baby anymore!) You rock your babies, you sing to them, shhhsh them, hug them, change their diapers (over and over and over), carry them in the car seat, push them in the stroller, put them to bed in the manger (thanks baby Jesus for this one), and sleep with them.

You notice EVERYTHING! We drove in the driveway today and you yelled, "Look, a spider!" A small spider had made a web on the garage. I would have never noticed this but you are so aware of the world around you. Buses, workers on the road, leaves, what direction we are going in the car and where, what kind of car is in front of us, etc! The other day you saw an Impala go by. You pointed and said, "That is like Jiller's car but hers is white." You pay attention!

A lot of times you remember your manners without prompting. Sometimes you even say "I'm sorry Mommy," in the sweetest voice I can imagine.

You love to laugh. I think you may already understand sarcasm. Yikes. You love to wrestle. You love to play outside. You ride your scooter up and down the sidewalk as fast as you can. You love to eat cheese. Every morning you ask me for a string cheese.

You wake up slowly, like your dad. It is usually the only time I get to cuddle with you these days and sometimes even then, you don't want to!

Oh Addelyn, we love you lots. I'm excited to see how you will grow and learn. I get scared sometimes about how to be the best parent you need, how to best discipline you and encourage you, and how to help you grow. So we'll take it day by day. Just know how much we love you!
Love, Mommy


The Hansen's said...

Dear Addelyn,

I love the stories your mommy tells me about you... the one's we laugh the most at are also the ones that push your mommy to grow and stretch and become an even better mommy to you. You are a sweet little girl with a lot of personality that continues to impact the people in your life. You are strong and persistent and passionate and just remember one day, these things will be some of your greatest strengths.

Listen to your mom when she is trying to teach you, as she is full of wisdom and years you don't quite have yet.

And just remember, we laugh with you these days (after you've been properly disciplined :) and all love you very much. My morning work-outs with your mom wouldn't be the same without a good Addelyn story to wake me up and make me smile!!

You, Addelyn, have been fearfully and wonderfully made by an amazing Creator!

Love, Your Mommy's Friend~ Jess

Becky Bartlett said...

Sweet sweet letter, Kris! It (and Jess' comment) made me tear up this afternoon. You have one precious little girl!! We love her, too!!

Jill said...

Very sweet sis--made me tear up too. We're all very thankful for Addelyn and the gifts she has brought to our lives :) love her!