Thursday, October 21, 2010

baby CRAZY!

my child is obsessed with babies. and i am not exaggerating. everything she does right now is concerning babies.
some examples from my day:

in target, she begged to go see the highchairs, car seats, and pack and plays. when i told her we were going to the baby section, she YELLED in a very excited voice to anyone who was listening, "WE ARE GOING TO GO TO THE BABY SECTION!!!!"

tonight when mark got home from work and was laying on the couch, she wanted to pretend he was a baby. she tried to "carry" him and lifted his head, grunting and straining as she truly tried to pick him up. "You are heavy," she told the baby. then she said, "It's okay baby. I'm here."

it was time to eat a before-bed snack. addelyn picked up one of her grapes and began to rock it back and forth and "shhhsh" her baby.

Gotta love her tender heart and nurturing spirit.


Jiller said...

I love it. Just like her aunt Jiller :) Lovin those babies.

Anonymous said...

I think she wants a brother or sister. Or hey, Jill, maybe she wants a cousin!