Saturday, October 9, 2010

"chicka bow wow"

I almost forgot about this and have to blog it before I forget!
A few weeks ago I visited my friend Arika in Cedar Rapids. She is going to have a baby in December and Addelyn knows this. When I got home to put Addelyn to bed that night, we started to say her prayers. I asked Addelyn who she wanted to pray for. She thought for quite awhile and then said, "what is the name of the baby in Arika's belly?" I told her the baby doesn't have a name yet but asked her if she wanted to give the baby a name so we could pray for him. She again thought for awhile and then said, Yep, we'll call him "Chicka bow wow." So that night we prayed for baby Chicka bow wow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I must share this with Levi. LOOVVE IT.