Tuesday, December 28, 2010

party time

Crazy to think my little girl turned three a few weeks ago. Where does the time go? It honestly doesn't seem like three years ago that I held her for the first time in that hospital room and listened to her intense cries, experiencing one of the most incredible moments of my life.
This year we knew Addelyn's birthday weekend was going to be crazy (with moving and other events falling on the same weekend) so we planned a fun little mid-week party with friends. We go to church and eat dinner every Wednesday night so we invited some of Addelyn's little buddies to come and decorate and eat cupcakes with us after dinner at the church. The Terrific Twos room worked out perfectly for this event with the little tables and chairs and toys to play with. We had all sorts of yummy toppings for the cupcakes and the kiddos surrounded the tables to decorate.
I have to say the cupcake decorating went suprisingly better than expected. Only one cupcake had a whole sprinkle container dumped on it!

Addelyn worked hard on her decorations, only to run away to play when she was done and not even eat a bite of her cupcake. Too bad at 8:30 that night, she remembered that cupcake that had gone uneaten, which made for a bit of an unhappy camper.

Harrison LOVED his cupcake!
Quinnlyn and Addelyn hid in the tent for awhile and played. (Notice Jaxon getting their attention on the side!)

The end of the party....holding her favorite new stickers from Boaz. Tired out from all of the fun and attention! What a fun little birthday party. I think Addelyn loved it. We are thankful for the wonderful friends we have!

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Becky Bartlett said...

That was a fun party!! Great idea. And glad she liked the stickers!! It does not seem like three years ago that Mark was demonstrating for Luke how to sit bedside in the rocking chair at the hospital... :)