Monday, May 30, 2011

bye bye butterflies

In case you have been wondering what happened to our caterpillars, here is the update. All of them transformed into cocoons. We transferred the cocoons into the butterfly pavilion and patiently waited for them to change.

Finally, butterflies began to break out of their shells. We watched them closely - hoping to catch a glimpse of it happening but no luck. It seemed to happen every time we would walk away. Finally, ten butterflies were living our our butterfly pavillion. Each day, Addelyn would check her butterflies and then we would feed them. This included flowers or shredded kleenex with sugar water and orange slices. We would watch their little tongues come out and eat. It was a very cool process for Addelyn to watch and was a great learning tool for her.

Time to say goodbye! Butterflies live for around 10-14 days. We decided today was a great day to say goodbye. It is nice out and we decided we would much rather say goodbye this way than to wake up one morning and to find dead butterflies.

I would definitely suggest getting a butterfly pavilion and growing some butterflies! It was fun and interesting for Addelyn- it was really a great age to do this.

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Krista said...

This is fun! She will get to do this again in 2nd grade!! I have to teach you a quick lesson though- butterflies have a chrysalis and moths have cocoons! Don't worry though- there are many authors of books that don't know this!! :) :) Looking forward to hearing about the arrival of your little man!! Good luck when that time comes!