Friday, October 7, 2011

4 months down

Time sure flies these days. Crazy to think my second baby is already 4 months old. He is a sweet baby boy. As you can see, Addelyn and Jace are getting to know each other better. He even loves morning snuggles, watching cartoons with her. She has chilled out a bit and although she still loves to be around him, she isn't quite as much in his business!
He is a big boy- the funniest thing is, people (random strangers) are always commenting. "That is ONE BIG BABY!" or today, a mom of a 10 month old mentioned how our babies are the same size!
His stats from his 4 month appointment:
16 lbs, 1 oz- 86th percentile
24 inches- 26th percentile
17 inches- head - 90th percentile (yeah the head makes him look bigger I think!)

Jacers naps well- but not necessarily on a schedule. I do know that he will pretty much be ready to sleep 1 1/2 - 2 hours after he wakes. He goes to bed around 8ish and gets up twice a night still. That is one thing I am ready to be done with- come on buddy, Mommy needs some sleep! But this boy loves to eat. He does a good job at going back to sleep as soon as he is done eating which is the good thing. I'm trying to remember that these late night moments of holding and nursing my baby boy will soon be over and I'll be craving holding him in my arms.

He is still not able to have dairy- if I eat something with it on accident- I'll find out at the next feeding- as I'll have a little boy in some pain. No fun. So I continue to be creative with my eating and also enjoy junior mints and Oreos, the two "chocolate" options I have. Seriously, I love my chocolate so this dairy thing has affected my sweet eating- not that this is a bad thing! I like to complain about it every few days and then I feel better.

He has a voice- he screams (happily), grunts, coos. I LOVE hearing him talk. So sweet. He does cry- mostly when he wakes up hungry, that is when you hear his "loud" voice.

He is rolling over. Mostly from tummy to back but he can do from back to tummy too.

The mullet- sweet! He lost a lot of his hair from birth and has a sweet, soft layer growing in on his whole head. He still has cradle cap. Can't quite get rid of it! He does still have a nice little area of hair in the back that he never lost.

Tummy time- this boy has a strong neck! Loves to be watching what is going on!

I think this picture (above) is one where he looks a LOT like Mark and the Hoskinson side. I call him little Dar.

He likes being outside a lot and that is where we are on many of these beautiful fall days. He watches Addelyn play, goes for walks in the stroller, and sometimes even naps outside if I don't make it in at the right time (I'm a little more laid back with him that I was with Addelyn haha!)

We love our sweet, cuddly baby boy. So thankful to have him in our lives.


Katie R. said...

Aw Jacers, you are getting big too fast!! Love the pics of your sweet lil guy:)

shane and jackee said...

Awww - great post with great pictures! I had to look, because we had a BIG boy from the start too. Zay was 17 lbs at 4 months...I can relate to hearing those comments! :) Hope more sleep is in your near future! Take care!