Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 months

*Note- this was the lazy parent's month when it came to putting a white onesie under the sticker to take a picture. Before bath we threw the stickers on for some quick pics. Now we know- those stickers really take to the skin well!!!

Jace - at 5 months: (we are getting closer to 6 months already, just a little behind on this post!)
*Has 2 teeth
*Started eating some food- cereal, applesauce, carrots and sweet potatoes so far. Wasn't too interested at first and now he gets EXCITED about getting that food into his mouth!
*Smiles, smiles, smiles! love it!
*Is "loved on" by his big sis- daily incidents. She can really get him to smile or laugh though and he watches her closely.
*Goes to bed between 7:30-8:30 and eats 2-3 a night still (then falls right back asleep). We tried a bottle for one of those feedings so I could sleep more but he isn't having it. Only wants me to feed him at night. Yep, the five month tiredness has hit.
*Loves his exersaucer- AKA Chucky Cheese is what we call it at our house
*Recognizes us- gets really excited when he hears Mark or my voice
*Is a big boy- wearing 9 month clothing!
*Has hair finally starting to fill in
*Gives us some cute giggles
*Gives us some very serious looks at times
*Is laid back- such a good baby. He hardly cries or fusses unless he is hungry or tired!
*Still isn't tolerant of dairy, although I have been sneaking more bites here and there of "dairy items" and he hasn't seemed to notice
*Likes to grab onto and study his toys
*Sits up in the "tripod" pose but tips easily
*Takes 2-3 naps a day, usually pretty consistent but has random days
*Is such a sweet baby boy! Jacers, we love you!

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The Hansen's said...

Awwww, Jacers! Love it :) Getting so big!