Friday, November 4, 2011

carving the pumpkin

We did end up buying a pumpkin right before Halloween so we could carve one too. What is Halloween without pumpkin carving?
Of course, Mark ends up doing all the work. This year, Addelyn did some help scraping out and also poking holes so we could cut out the shapes for the eyes/nose/mouth. She was a bit distracted though as Alec, our neighbor boy came over and carved with us. Addelyn LOVES this kiddo and really loves to play with him so often we invite him over to play or for dinner.

Mark hard at work, as usual. I take pictures and join in some of the fun. Jace was in his chair this year and didn't even make a picture. Whoops! He was there, just not real excited about the pumpkin fun. Just wait til next year!

The finished product!

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