Friday, March 30, 2012

9 month milestones

As Jace is almost ten months, I finally am getting around to writing the nine month post! This month had lots of milestones for this little buddy. He now has eight teeth! So he spent a lot of the month teething (meaning his fingers in his mouth, a snotty nose, and drooling.) He also started really crawling during this month. He went from pulling himself around the past few months to officially crawling REALLY fast, all over!

This boy has so many amazing faces! I love it.

He weighed 21 pounds at his appointment and I can't find his length. Whoops. I do remember percentiles. He was 93% for weight and 6% for height! Short and stout, ha ha!

This month also had other milestones. This boy does not want to get his diaper changed or get dressed. Laying down and sitting still is not a favorite anymore! We have to have good toys and distractions when he is getting changed.
The other bummer, this month Jacers got the flu. Ahh it is horrible watching a baby have the flu. Jace has such a sweet demeanor though, he would throw up and then grin at us. And then a few days later, I got the flu too. No fun.
Our nicknames for this boy- Jacers, Jay-bo, and Monster.
He fought against eating all month. Would give us the tight-lip and wouldn't eat much at all- purees and definitely no solid foods. Stinker! He is still nursing and that is going really well- except that he can't sit still so basically does somersaults while he nurses!
Oh another thing, how could I even forget!!? He slept through the night for the first time EVER! This momma is finally starting to feel like a normal person again (I think!) And he really has been doing pretty well ever since. He goes down around 7:30 pm and sleeps til around anytime between 5-7 am, where he wakes up starving! If he gets up earlier than six, he'll usually go back to sleep. Finally buddy. Finally!
Jacers, you are such a joy! We love you little boy!

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