Saturday, March 17, 2012

I won't worry about it.....

Oh dear. Mark and I looked at each other tonight and shook our heads. What do we have coming?

The neighbor boy, Alec, is a few years older than Addelyn but loves to play with her . He was outside our house running around and yelling her name tonight while we were eating dinner. She finally ran to the window to tell him she'd come out after dinner. He wanted her to come and see the fish he had caught this afternoon. Their conversation went a little something like this....

Alec: "Addelyn, can you come over to my backyard when you get done eating?"
Addelyn: "Yeah, but will you put Sam away so he won't jump on me? (that is their big dog)
Alec: "Just yell when you get outside and I'll put him away before you come into our yard."
Addelyn: "No, why don't you put him away now and then I just won't worry about it."

She told that older boy what to do so matter of factly. Maybe it is a good thing? Oh our girl.....

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