Monday, April 16, 2012

ten months

Our sweet boy is ten months old. I would sum things up right now by saying this boy is physical! He is on the move. He is always crawling, climbing, pulling up on things, hitting, poking, touching!

At ten months, this little boy has a sister who is always hanging on him, holding him, and dragging him around, non stop! Jacers, I'm sorry. Soon enough, you'll be holding your own! If it is any consolation, that girl LOVES you.

Hard to get a good picture of Jace at this age. He is on the go.

At ten months:
*He is eating a little better, woohoo! He will eat veggies only if they are mixed with fruit for the most part. He is loving eating his cheerios now- finally, something solid. Tonight I gave him some cut up peaches and he actually ate them. That is a big step!
*He still loves to nurse. He eats every three-four hours during the day and has been eating once before bed and not until he wakes in the morning again.
*That leads me to the amazing news that he has been sleeping through the night, consistently! I almost hate to type that in case I jinx it. He goes to bed around 7:30-8 and sleeps til anywhere between 6-7:30 am. Somedays he'll wake up around 5ish and eat and then go back to sleep for awhile.
*He babbles a lot. He likes to say "uh-oh" if we say it and it is so cute! He also will say "mmm, mmm, mmm" when he is eating.
*He is doing "sooo big" too.
*He has about one goose egg or bruise or knick on his head each day. That comes from crawling up stairs, falling against furniture, etc. He is tough though, he usually gives a funny look after he gets hurt, considers crying, and then moves on.
*I think because Addelyn bugs him so much, he really loves playing by himself. Or maybe it is just his personality showing already? Sometimes, I'll find him in our back closet/play area and he is just digging in the toybox, playing with toys. He can do that forever if I let him! (Or if she lets him haha)
*Diaper changing/clothes changing is brutal. He will scream in protest unless you distract him well! Don't make him stop his movement!
*Mark calls him "Farley" because his hair is quite similar to UNI Coach Mark Farley.
*My favorite time of night is after I feed him before bed. He lays his little head on my shoulder and cuddles up to me. This is the only time my little man cuddles anymore. When I feed him during the day- he is moving the whole time. So I LOVE these moments at night, as I know these days will be gone before I know it. We love you sweet Jacer boy!


Becky Bartlett said...

So sweet. I like Addelyn's haircut!! And I just realized I forgot to take 10 month pictures of Myka!! Argh. :(

Ashley Schrage said...

I love Addelyn's haircut. Super super cute! And of course Jace is cute too :)