Sunday, October 28, 2012

farm life

I would say during the last few years of my life, I have gained more appreciation for my growing up years on the farm. More appreciation for the way we were brought up- for the slower pace of life we had as kids, without tons of "activities" but lots of making our own fun on the farm. I appreciate the hard work my parents did on the farm, both in the field and the acres of vegetables they grew, the chickens they raised for eggs and meat, and more. I still remember grumbling as my dad would make me hold mason jars under the sprayer as he checked sprayer tips each year. I can remember the smell of the cab of the combine, as I would ride along with my dad- laying up in the back window, feeling the warm sun on my back, usually reading a book I brought along. I remember going out to pick up rocks from the field (boy, I grumbled about that too!), riding in the back of our pickup truck with piles of pumpkins to take to the local stores to sell, and many days of taking snacks and meals out to my dad and grandpa and uncle in the field. Now that I live in town- I appreciate a place to take my kids and let them experience farm life. This year was the first year Addelyn was brave enough or interested enough to want to go out in the combine with her Papa Marvin. And boy did she have fun. She rode with him for an hour and a half and had a blast. She also enjoyed the Oreos he shared with her while riding of course (for some reason I don't remember that part growing up!) I would expect this to become a fall harvest ritual (both the combine riding and Oreos). 
My dad always jokes and asks how in the world was I ever a farm girl. But I can honestly say, I am very thankful for my farm girl roots....

This last picture, Jace and I jumped up in the combine with my dad. Jace was a little too nervous with the loud noise of the combine so I think we'll have to wait til next year. This boy is going to LOVE it though, I guarantee. He is obsessed with trucks, tractors, and combines. It will be fun when he can really experience it too! 

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