Thursday, October 25, 2012

we have a preschooler!

This post is coming two months into having a preschooler! Crazy. Here are some pics from Addelyn's first day of preschool. She is going to Orchard's preschool, so it is fun- she is right down the hall from me on the days I'm there. So I often get to see her as she walks to play outside- she runs over to hug her mommy!

Jace is loving his mornings with Addelyn at preschool. He just transitioned to one nap in the afternoon so he gets lots of one on one attention in the morning. On Monday and Wednesdays I'm working and on Fridays, I get special Jacer time!

Had to get the roomie in the first day pics too (Addelyn required this picture to happen!)

In front of her coat hook at school.

My beautiful little lady. Time flies, I cannot believe my baby girl is in preschool. Mrs. Knapp, her teacher is amazing. I absolutely love knowing she is impacting and loving on my girl three days a week.

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