Sunday, November 17, 2013


Pumpkin carving-  gotta love it. Mark does a great job with leading the project and I supervise and take pictures.

Addelyn really liked digging out the gunk this year. I helped a bit too. Jace wasn't as brave- he is weird with textures and smells so this was one of those times! He used his spoon.

Towards the end of the project- the kids end up doing other things and Mark is left to finish. Great job, hun, as always on Halloween!

For Halloween at Cedar Heights- they have a parade to see all of the costumes. Here is our supergirl. She had planned to be a "Mom" for weeks before Halloween and the week before changed her mind. 

Here is her buddy Austin, one of the many ninja turtles! I guess that was the way to go this year?

After the parade, we got to join Addelyn in her classroom for some treats.

Aren't these little superheros the cutest?

Alec, our neighbor boy came over to show off his creepy costume.

Jace dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. Here is the one picture of the kids together.

They trick or treated next door all by themselves. They were so proud.

We ended our night at the Roger's house for some food and friend time. Love these girls and their friendship.

Sweet little Violet the giraffe was DONE being dressed up!

This was Jace's farmer outfit he wore during the day at Ilene's. A farmer by day- Buzz Lightyear by night!

Addelyn's kindergarten class- all dressed up

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