Sunday, November 17, 2013

deal's orchard

Every fall we have a fun trip out to Deal's Orchard in Jefferson- close to Perry. This year it was fun because we got to do it with the whole Hoskinson crew- grandparents and Matt and family. It is a great spot- fun stuff to do, animals to see, and usually a tractor ride. It was a misty day when we arrived but we had a blast anyway. Jace kept reminding us that the trip was caught short though because it started to rain and he didn't get his much desired tractor ride! That kid and his tractors....

We all love the bouncy pillow. 

The slide- of course, my thrill seeking boys loved it.

Mice on the wheel!

Addelyn liked the slide too!

Feeding the goats includes lots of giggling as they tried to eat anything you put in their faces, including fingers.

Pet rabbits- of course, reminded us of Snow White- our bunny at home.

The corn pile- Jace was not happy when we had to leave here. He could have sat in the corn and played with diggers and buckets all day. I probably should make a corn pile inside my house for the winter- it would entertain this kid for days!

Then there is the little tractor riding station. For some reason- I only got a picture of the big kid here! What a fun day- ended with some caramel apples and hot apple cidar and of course, naps on the way home to Cedar Falls!

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