Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A season ending.....

I cannot begin to tell you what this year of preschool has done for Addelyn. She couldn't have been blessed with two better teachers for her personality. Jennie and Kristen both have unique strengths and I believe they really drew on Addelyn's strengths and weaknesses and helped her to be stretched but also feel safe and loved. They truly loved our little girl, helped her to grow in both social and academic ways, and also taught her about Jesus. I love the experience she had at Orchard Hill Church Preschool. Honestly, some people may assume I would say that or send her there just because it is where I work/we go to church. However, I looked at our options before deciding on OHC and I can say that I am so thankful this is where we landed.
On the last day, with Mrs. Kimball. Addelyn thought it was so cool to have a teacher that once babysat her (when she was younger). Kristen makes me smile- I love her honesty and the way she says it like it is and also just loves the kiddos.
By her coat rack, sad to think I won't get to walk her down the hall anymore to this sweet little spot. I loved that we got to have special time each day, just the two of us, as we would head to Orchard together- her to preschool, me to my office. It was great being in the same building- getting to have sneak peaks of her day all the time. I'll also miss her sweet little face, walking by my office and running in for a quick hug. The moments I'd love to pause in life....

Mrs. Knapp, Addelyn's head teacher and also the Director of the Preschool. She is amazing. This woman seriously loves each and every kid at preschool- I believe it. She pours her heart into this preschool and the families that are a part of it.

The last day in the classroom, as Mrs. Knapp reads a special story.
Singing their songs at the program on the last day.

Getting her hugs and her certificate!
Special love from Mom and Dad- proud of this girl and how she has grown.

This little buddy....I have been thankful for the friendship these two have. Don't you love his face in these pics? On the hard days, it was nice for them to have the familiar face of each other. I can only pray they will stay great buds like this into elementary school when boys and girls are gross to each other:)
What a beautiful ending to a special season. I can't believe my little girl is headed into her elementary days!

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