Saturday, August 3, 2013

A two year old!

On this sweet two year old's birthday, he woke us up early (as always!) to celebrate! Here he is opening his few gifts from our family. Addelyn got him the zebra pool (Aldi special- it has provided lots of good times for our kiddos this summer). 

His next gift from Mom and Dad- a combine "bombine" and tractor. Thanks to our friend Kara for donating us a bunch of tractors! We now have birthday and Christmas presents for this boy for awhile! My sweet little farm lover.

This boy- I love him and his sweetness. He is such a good little boy. He is sweet hearted, funny (probably going to be a class clown!), loves to make people laugh, a runner (often into the street or in parking lots or at the pool, ya know, just the places the freaks momma out). His vocabulary has expanded so much in the past few months and he surprises us with how much he is saying. He is starting to say much more in sentences. I think it helps that he has a chatty big sister. He loves tractors, anything farm related, animals, dance parties, Daddy, his Papas, riding in the tractor with Papa Marvin, sleeping with two Elmos, a baby doll, and a sleep sack every night, eating taco shells, rice cakes, and any sweet (cookies, candy, ice cream). This kiddo brings a lot of joy to our family each and every day! Love him!

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