Sunday, October 27, 2013

cookie monster

It has been a different deal for Jace since Big Sis has gone to school. We have a few days a week where it is just the two of us. Jace is not used to this attention since Big Sis has always been the one who demands more attention. Those firstborns! Jace is the kiddo that can entertain himself. So he has loved the attention and time with Mom. On the days that we are home (he goes to Ilene's two days a week)- he will ask in the morning, "I stay home with Mommy today?!" And when I say yes- he is always super excited. 

Something simple like making cookies- usually Big Sis is always the one up on the stool, adding in ingredients, wearing the apron- while Jace plays with his tractors on his own. So this little boy has LOVED to get to be the big helper- wearing an apron, mixing in ingredients, helping scoop the cookies, and of course- taste testing. 

Can you tell I just let him go for it? I decided it was a good sensory experience- hands in the dough! At this point, I knew the cookies would be a no go- my little helper dumped in WAY TOO MUCH baking soda. Oh well, it was fun no matter what!

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