Saturday, October 26, 2013

Overextended....and Loving Most of It! by Lisa Harper

The title of this book actually goes against the way of life I've been trying to help my family create- not living a hectic and crazy schedule. However, as you get to reading the book- it really is about a different story. It isn't advocating a living a hectic life- but the book is about using every moment to live abundantly.

Lisa Harper tells many stories of her own crazy life in this book. She has a unique and powerful story and I appreciated her gut-level honesty about the good, bad, and the ugly. She shares many of the ups and downs she walked through as she tried to adopt children and these stories touched my heart. At times her humor bordered on being a little cheesy for my tastes, but overall, I thought her book was great.

I love when she touched on walking through a broken heart- when the circumstances of life didn't turn out the way she hoped. She spoke about how to walk through those times and how to continue loving Jesus and others in those tough moments. I also loved her chapter about gratitude. I'm realizing how much these two are related- living in the tough times and gratitude. I would suggest picking up a copy of her book!

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