Friday, March 14, 2014

Love Does by Bob Goff

This past year I had the chance to hear Bob Goff speak at a conference. He is funny and challenging and a little all over the place. I enjoyed him! So when I had the chance to get this Love Does DVD study and study guide, I was excited to review it.

I really like Bob's stories and practical ways to think about living with love. He talks about this as an action that is meant to be lived out. His DVD and Study guide are based on the book. It is meant to be used in a small group, I just went through it personally. I will definitely suggest it for small groups though. The study guide is great, it has a "Hearing the Word" section where the Bible is connected to what is taught. I also like the hands-on exercises that are encouraged to be done. This is great curriculum that I would definitely encourage people to check out.

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