Sunday, September 28, 2014

June & July 2014 in Pictures

The new blog posts are fewer because I have decided I'm going to say my excuse is that I'm busy making memories! 

3 kids. They are mine? Crazy!

The Try Pie girls (the high school gals I worked with this year) and the Hoys took Addelyn berry picking. She had a blast!

My niece Lily is battling SMA. She spent a lot of June and July down in the hospital in Iowa City. Addelyn decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money for her hospital bills. She raised $200. We love Miss Lily and will do whatever we can to support her.

Addelyn had fun with her friend Avery in swimming lessons. She passed too! 

Lots of dress up this summer and pretending they were pregnant and having babies. 

Our roomie Claire (she moved out at the end of July, boo)- she loved holding our new Mr. Maddox and I had to take a picture of her drinking a margarita AND holding my baby. I promise this didn't happen often!

The kids went to Ilene's on Mondays during the summer and had lots of fun.

Sweet Miss Lily - this was the look she gave the doctors all summer. Not so sure....

Just newborn baby pics. Love the little hands and feet and mouths and binkys.

This is what Maddox did all summer. Yep. Lots of crying.

4th of July- all the kids pictures in the same shirt!

We went to Perry on the 4th of July to hang out.

Lots of baby holding!


Helping Daddy mow.

This is what Maddox said to us all summer.

It was the kid's last summer with Ilene watching them. Sad...she has been an amazing day care provider.

I got to spend time with Miss Lily and help my sis out a bit this summer. Love my niece.

Out on a walk. Girl cousins!

Papa Marvin & Mr. Maddox

We went to the zoo with our family and Dar and Kathy. It was a fun day.

We spent the weekend in Perry. Swimming at the golf course!

Tropical Sno of course!

We went to the Farmer's Market. Mark even wore the baby for awhile!

Maddox met Papa Tom.

2 months old Mr. Maddox

I found a $5 Transformers outfit & Jace wore it a lot for dress up this summer!

Addelyn and I made some yummy chocolate fruit treats.

Note the shirt, yep! 

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Hannah Joy said...

I am so glad I am not the only one falling behind in the blogging! You have me beat with a newborn too. congratulations! Beautiful family- and looks like a great summer! :)